Act 1

The office is under attack, to sort this out you're going to need to go outside and have a talk with the Maimtron 9000. Ask it a question, more specifically "Why do fools fall in love?".

This should leave it pondering and will turn its back on the open window of the office, simply go inside and take out the Wind-Up Key from its back. Leave the office to reach the credits.

Act 2

Ignore the Soda Poppers and head straight inside Santa's Workshop. Pick up the toys underneath the Christmas Tree, there's a Boxing Betty and the World's Simplest Maze.

Ask the Elf standing next to it what he does, then offer to help make him cry. The solution is to get Sam to tell him that Santa isn't real. Pick up the full watering can from next to him and go back outside. Use that Watering Can on the Tiny Topiary to the left of the building. This will cause it to grow and allow you to access Santa's Chimney.

There are a couple of things to pick up from inside Santa's room, the first is the parchment next to the fireplace, the second is the record sticking out of the shelf to the left. Jump back up the chimney, into the DeSoto and back to the street.

Your new task is to find the Four Toy Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the personal details of the monster in order to lure it out.

Walk down the street to the right, past Stinky's Diner to where you'll find a garage labelled Pimplecar. Enter it to talk with the residents, the C.O.P.S.. Ask to Pimp Your Car and then say that you want the Horseman that they have. This will start a minigame involving the DeSoto. Simply run over or shoot as many Torture Me Elmers as they want you to in the time given. For the Horseman it's 30 in 60 seconds. Remember to accelerate and brake.

If you go for the worthless decals afterwards then the amount will increase each time by ten up to 60 in 60 seconds in order to upgrade the Elmer decal. You can also hit a few objects to get other decals too; shoot a Piano, shoot a blimp, score a strike by running through some bowling pins, hit a rolling cheese. This earns you all the decals and a new addition to the front of the DeSoto.

You'll also need to go to the DeSoto to pick up the Horseman of Death from the front of it.

Head into Stinky's Diner for the first time and get started with the trivia quiz. Knowing the "correct" answer here is not the same as knowing the answer. Instead you have to force Stinky into a corner so that she has to give somebody the prize (the Horsemen of Pestilence), to do that you're going to need to work out which three answers the others will give and then give the remaining answer.

Sybil will give the correct answer, and the Bug will always give D as an answer. Lincoln however needs you to tell him which answer he should give, just tell him either of the two remaining choices and then choose the other for yourself. Simple. To enter click on the yellow Trivia Pad in the spare booth. While you're here, chat with Sybil about business.

Next we enter Bosco's Inconvenience to find him more paranoid than usual. Ask about his package and he'll ask whether it sounds like it's ticking. If you take a look at the X-Ray above the counter you'll learn that the package actually contains one of the Horsemen. Nothing you can do right now so head out and down the street to where Jimmy Two-Teeth is hanging out next to the defeated Maimtron 9000.

He won't give up the Horseman of War without a fight, literally. Use the Boxing Betty toy you picked up in Santa's Workshop on the Robot Innards to begin the challenge. This task requires you to fight a few other rats before you can get to Jimmy, hit Left or Right to dodge and A or D to punch. Dodge the attack when a fist is raised and then immediately punch the rat. Keep doing it until you defeat them and eventually Jimmy. They'll get a bit tougher as you go on but it's fairly straightforward.

Ignore Jimmy's reaction and instead go back to Santa's Workshop, use the green Computer to the left. Choose the Obsess-o-Matic Stopwatch and then pick up the Gift Tags, use them on the gift and send it to Bosco. Also send a footbath to Stinky.

Return to the street and enter Stinky's Diner, take the sock she's left on the counter for later. Bosco will now be distracted from the Horseman package with the new ticking one, so Max will be able to take the Horseman of Famine. Return to the North Pole once again.

Use all four Horsemen on the North Pole itself. Before you use the record with the Record Player next to it you're going to need to find some information from the room around you. Look at the Red Computer to find out the name of the demon and the game he likes to play, and look at the Slimy Crate to find out where it's from. So here are the lines you need to sing:

  1. Like gelatinous goo!
  2. In Lower Manitoba!
  3. Like Mimesweeper!
  4. Hey, Shambling Corporate Presence!

Act 3

You can now use the door to Santa's room, and you should do so. Look in the safe that he had previously been standing on to release the Spirits of Christmas. Before leaving up the chimney you will want to use Stinky's Sock on the Stocking Stuffer.

Approach the Portal to the Future on the left and continue onwards until you become free to move around in the future. Leave through the portal and then use your sock full of coal on the boiler at the back of Santa's Sleigh outside.

Take a Yellow Snow Reclamation snowball and enter the Spirit of Christmas Present's Portal to Present. Use the Snowball on the Bug Family to help save the Bug's Christmas.

Finally, enter the Portal to Past and use The World's Smallest Maze on the Rat Hole. Then switch on the Television to catch Mrs Two-Teeth. Return to the Present and take Mary to the suicidal Jimmy and then take the Boxing Glove back to the past and give it to Jimmy there.

With all three spirits contained within, use the Spirit Bottle on the Shambling Corporate Presence over next to the DeSoto.

Act 4

Time to defeat Santa. First you need to get the rotating plane to stop above the trampoline, do this by shooting the switch over by the entrance. Then use the Green Computer to drop any gift onto the table. Shoot the cannon with your gun to get it to fire, hitting the gift, rebounding onto the trampoline and up into the plane. Shoot the switch again and then again to stop it above the Flounder Pounder behind Santa. If you miss just get the plane back into place to fire another cannonball into it and try again.