Just the Clicks

Act 1


  1. Climb ladder.
  2. Open inventory.
  3. Use Egg with Office Window.
  4. Use Portable AI with Maimtron.
  5. Use Remote Control with Maimtron.
  6. Reach through Bosco's window.
  7. Go through Manhole.
  8. Give Token to Harry.

Act 2


  1. Go through Office Door.
  2. Take Key Card from Brady's cubicle.
  3. Go into Back Room.
  4. Use Key Card on Card Reader.

Bosco & DeSoto

  1. Go into Bosco's Diorama.
  2. Take Nitrous Oxide from stage.
  3. Exit Diorama.
  4. Use Nitrous Oxide on the DeSoto's Diorama.
  5. Use Card Reader.
  6. Go into the DeSoto's Diorama.
  7. Use Nitrous Oxide button and go up a ramp.

Santa & Elf

  1. Use Card Reader.
  2. Go into Elf's Diorama.
  3. Ask Elf what he's doing.
  4. Offer to help.
  5. Select Commando Style.
  6. Select whatever.
  7. Select Acid for Blood.
  8. Exit Diorama.
  9. Use Card Reader.
  10. Go into Santa's Diorama.
  11. Shoot Christmas Present.

Grandpa Stinky

  1. Use Card Reader.
  2. Go into Grandpa Stinky's Diorama.
  3. Leave Diorama.
  4. Take Personal File from open drawer.
  5. Go into the office.
  6. Go into the reception.
  7. Exit hell.
  8. Go up ladder.
  9. Go into Sybil's.
  10. Shoot Monster.
  11. Go to Pimp Le Car.
  12. Use Personal File with Timmy's File.
  13. Go down manhole.
  14. Get on train.
  15. Go into the office.
  16. Go into the backroom.
  17. Use Card Reader.
  18. Go into Grandpa Stinky's Diorama.
  19. Talk to Timmy.
  20. Exit Diorama.
  21. Go into the office.

Act 3

Hell is Other Sidekicks

  1. Use Key Card with Hole in Wall.
  2. Ask what attack on Santa was about.
  3. Ask what they have against Satan.
  4. Exit conversation.
  5. Leave Hell.
  6. Look in Satan's Box.


  1. Use Paper Clip Chain with Crack.
  2. Use Mimesweeper Cartridge with Chippy.


  1. Go to Hell.
  2. Use Grocery List with Hugh Bliss's list.
  3. Go to the street.
  4. Talk to Timmy.
  5. Ask whether he's glad to be back.
  6. Challenge him to a trivia contest.
  7. Ask what Peeper's real name is.
  8. Go to Sybil's.
  9. Talk to Peepers.


  1. Go to Hell.
  2. Use Card Reader.
  3. Go into Grandpa Stinky's Diorama.
  4. Take Baby Book.
  5. Exit Diorama.
  6. Use Card Reader.
  7. Go into Sam's Diorama.
  8. Take Bone Saw.
  9. Go to Stinky's.
  10. Give Baby Book to Grandpa Stinky.
  11. Take Fruit Cider.
  12. Go to Bosco's.
  13. Use Fruit Cider with Punch.
  14. Use Bone Saw with Monster.
  15. Go to Stinky's.
  16. Use Rib with Cake.
  17. Go outside.

Act 4


  1. Shoot bell on truck.
  2. Take Ice Cream from truck.
  3. Take Coffee Cup From Hell from desk.
  4. Take Candle from snow.
  5. Use Ice Cream with Mr. Spatula.
  6. Use Coffee Cup with Mr. Spatula.
  7. Use Tar Cake Sample with Mr. Spatula.
  8. Use Candle with Cake.
  9. Click on Cake.
  10. Use with Soda Poppers.