Act 1

Jump over the counter and take a look at the keypad on the wall there. You're going to need to find the code for it, and to do so you're going to need to pick up that little Toy Moai Head from the floor here.

Jump back out from behind the counter and take the Moai Head to the X-Ray Machine. To view it properly, put the X-Ray on the X-Ray viewer above the counter. Hop behind the counter again to use the code and gain access to... the bathroom!

Open the stall door and take some of the wine stacked behind there. Shoot the large barrel of Baking Soda and pour the vinegar into the hole you create.

Act 2

Talk to the Central Device behind the Captain's Chair and select the System Settings option. Change it to "Abusive".

Step into the Elevator and click on the yellow Time Card at the bottom labelled with the Bosco's Inconvenience logo, the date 1963.1025 and the name Bosco. This will take you to Bosco's Inconvenience back in 1963, the 25th of October to be precise.

Pick up the Modified Carbon Dater from the floor next to the counter under the guns, and the Chemical Sampler from next to the Baby-Making Machine next to the bathroom. Go into the bathroom and take the Cork from the Wine Bottle

Scan Sam, Max, and Momma Bosco with the Carbon Dater to get three new Time Cards to use with the elevator. Exit the conversation with Momma Bosco to cause a paradox.

Use the Time Cards with the elevator and then get back in to return to the spaceship for no particular reason. Look at the elevator again and select the Time Card that you got from Sam to go meet the Intergalactic Freelance Police in the far flung future. Take a look at the poster on the bulletin board to learn the secret ingredient to Stinky's Stick-tite Adhesive.

Go back to the elevator again and select the Time Card you got from Max (the one with Stinky's logo on it) to go to Stinky's Diner in the year 1980.

Take the Screwdriver from the floor next to Bluster Blaster and use it on the display case to the right of the Jukebox with a letter from the President inside. Take a sample of the Gooey Molasses Tar Cake with your Chemical Sampler and leap on back into the elevator again.

Off we go to the Oval Office using the Time Card you got from Momma Bosco. Use the Carbon Dater on Superball to get another Time Card and then show him the letter you got from Stinky's Diner. Ignore the spit on the Star Cushion and instead take a sample from the discarded Envelope now sitting on the President's desk.

Show Superball the sample of Tar Cake that you took and tell him that the secret ingredient is Bitumen-13. Return to Stinky's to show Grandpa Stinky your new patent, thereby destroying the future adhesive that is keeping the Portable AI stuck to the elevator. Provided you've changed the settings of the AI to "Abusive" in the spaceship, use the Portable AI on Bluster Blaster to get Little Max interested in girls.

With all that done it's time to go back to Momma Bosco and convince her to have a baby again. Use the President's Sample with the Open Sample and return to the spacecraft (press the red HOME button) to see the results.

Act 3

Leave the room and take the Time Card printout. Return to the elevator again and use it on it to travel way back to that fateful day when Sam won Embarrassing Idol. Ask for the contract and then leave.

Once you're back on the spaceship again ride the elevator to 2008, the Office Time Card with Superball written on it. Pick up the Boxing Betty Remote sitting on Max's desk to receive an egg and put a cork that you got from Momma Bosco's bathroom in the Model Volcano beneath the Bulletin Board.

Next you should go to the Intergalactic Freelance Police where you can take the no longer damaged Obituary for Pedro from the Bulletin Board. Next stop, the Oval Office.

Change the national date to the 6th of September, Superball's birthday (you can find this out by reading the date on the Time Card that you got from scanning him). Ask Superball about his birthday to summon the Listening Mariachi and trap him in the past by returning to the elevator.

Talk to Past Sam and he'll ask a question, respond by telling him that he needs a Time Traveling Phonebooth that he can get from Superball in the future. This should mess with their memories so that the next time they ask how to get to the Moon you can tell them that they need any item and that you have one. This will result in your gaining of the Record Contract.

Give the contract to the Captain Mariachi and then re-enter the big room to the right. Show the Old Mariachi his Obituary which will convince him to stay away from the Printer from now on. So go over to that Printer and mess about with it a bit until you get rid of the ink.

Return to the other room and ask the computer for another printout. Use that blank Time Card with the Elevator and travel to the beginning of time itself. Switch Mr Featherly with the Egg and get back to the Old Mariachi once again. Show him Mr Featherly and you'll be alone in the spaceship at last.

Act 4

Go over to the button on the right next to Bosco's dead body and press it to extend the bridge. Run back to the other controls and press the Suck button again. Use the sample of Tar Cake in the Time Control and then run over to where Bosco's body is floating in the air to finish the episode.