Just the Clicks

Act 1


  1. Go inside Bosco's.
  2. Ask how to stop Triangle.
  3. Ask how to talk to it.
  4. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  5. Take Stop Sign from wall.
  6. Go outside.
  7. Use Stop Sign with Bermuda Triangle.

Act 2

Train Sound

  1. Go to Tiny Tiki.
  2. Pick up Tiki Glass from bar.
  3. Use Tiki Glass on Water Dispenser.
  4. Use Water on Kettle.
  5. Use Tiki Glass on Paci-Fire Dispenser.
  6. Use Paci-Fire on Fire.


  1. Go to Pimp Le Car.
  2. Win bagpipes driving challenge.
  3. Take Horn from DeSoto.
  4. Go to Tiny Tiki.
  5. Give Horn to Baby Glenn Miller.

Fountain of Youth

  1. Shoot Yellow Gong right of the Fountain.
  2. Shoot Blue Gong next to left Moai Head.
  3. Use Conch Shell with middle Moai Head.
  4. Talk to left Moai Head.

Secret Cave

  1. Go to Tiny Tiki.
  2. Use Tiki Glass on any Dispenser.
  3. Go to Jimmy Hoffa.
  4. Give Drink to Jimmy Hoffa.
  5. Go to Tiny Tiki.
  6. Use Waitress' Tray with Wipeout!
  7. Win challenge.
  8. Give tray to Jimmy Hoffa.
  9. Use Tiki Glass with Fountain of Youth.
  10. Give Jimmy Fountain of Youth Water.

Act 3


  1. Go to surface.
  2. Hit gong next to middle Moai Head.
  3. Go to Tiny Tiki.
  4. Pick up Gong.
  5. Go into cave.
  6. Use Gong with Yellow Gong.
  7. Talk to Ocean Chimps.
  8. Get ready.
  9. Use Conch on Yellow Portal.


  1. Go to crashed plane.
  2. Use radio.
  3. Change frequency to 7175 kHz.
  4. Click on Speaker.
  5. Tell him you're observing the Earth.
  6. Go to Bosco's.
  7. Take Banang.
  8. Go to secret cave.
  9. Use Banang on Ceremonial Urn.


  1. Pick up Snail.
  2. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  3. Throw Snail at Gong.
  4. Shoot Gong.
  5. Go to island.
  6. Take Water from Fountain of Youth.
  7. Use with Sam or Max.
  8. Go through Bermuda Triangle.
  9. Ask Stinky for the special.
  10. Return to island.
  11. Give right Moai Head the Basalt Sandwich.
  12. Go to secret cave.
  13. Pick up Stalactite.
  14. Use Stalactite on Maxish Clam.

Act 4


  1. Press Red Emergency Button.
  2. Go into Pod.
  3. Pick up Medallion.
  4. Use Medallion with Snail Trail.
  5. Go to surface.
  6. Shoot Yellow Gong on island with volcano.
  7. Hit Blue Gong next to where Bermuda Triangle was.
  8. Use Red Medallion with Blue Portal.