Act 1

As usual there's just about nothing to do in the office right away, so go out onto the street to get started. Stroll down to the far end and talk to the C.O.P.S. who will have a brand new driving challenge for you. First ask them about the Zombie Factory to learn of its location and then ask to pimp your car. Ask whether they've got any upgrades at all and then ask for the antenna.

Challenge! This time you're at a different angle driving down the road (move towards the centre of the road to switch to the other side if that's easier for you) firing CDs at zombies. You can just leave the car where it is and time your clicks well or you can move around getting close to each zombie so that you only need to remember the one timing. Get the 10 zombies they need and you'll be rewarded with the antenna for you car.

If you want some decals for your car just go back in and try again, the amount of zombies you need to deliver to will increase to 15, then 20, then 25 for the gold Zombie. After that you're just setting a high score. And once again there are several items for you to hit to earn some extra decals. They are: a beach ball rolling down an intersecting road, a large grey beer keg on the path surrounded by zombies, a kite floating in the middle of the road, and a large satellite dish on a lawn. The reward for getting them all is quite nice.

Once you're done with that enter Stinky's Diner and take a look at the sunlamp next to the Jukebox. Ask Stinky about it and then take it. Jump in the DeSoto again and go to Stuttgart.

Attempt to enter the castle and Superball will appear outside but will unfortunately not be letting you in. Continue to the right and search the open grave to find a nice juicy brain. Throw it up onto the Gargoyle out of reach of the zombies so as to distract them and get Sam and Max to the front of the line.

First ask Jurgen about his source of power and you will learn that the task at hand is to destroy the zombies' thrall with Jurgen, and the way to do that is through ruining his style. The three parts that make that up are his rhymes, his moves, and his ability to keep up with the latest trends.

Ask him about Midtown Cowboys and then leave the conversation. Go over to the coffin in the far left corner and take a look at the writing on it. The last word of each line is a code; Death, Sepulcher, Embrace, Letters. Go over to the DJ Booth and press all of the top buttons until you find the ones that say those words (they get labelled after one press). Then press them in the correct order:

  1. Death: Top Yellow
  2. Sepulcher: Bottom Pink
  3. Embrace: Top Orange
  4. Letters: Second Pink

Go through the coffin and replace the spotlight with the sunlamp you got from Stinky's Diner. Return to the DJ Booth and press one of the blue buttons along the bottom, specifically the one second from the right. This should cause the light to pass directly over Jurgen and spoil his dancing.

Take a bottle of water from the bar to the left of the DJ Booth and head outside. Look in the trash container to find some Clove Cigarettes, then get in the DeSoto and go to the TV Studio. Use the cigarettes on the bag next to the cow before you talk to the Director to get the latest trend in Germany to be whatever is in that bag, the one you want is obviously Clove Cigarettes.

Return to the office and use the bottled water on Max's ceremonial urn to gain some Holy Water. Return to the Zombie Factory and use that Holy Water on Max in order to bypass the Zombie Factory's security, dump the rest in the bin and go inside.

Jurgen's ability to keep up with the latest trends with be discredited as you enter, he just can't handle those Clove Cigarettes. Talk to him and tell him that he ain't all that. This will trigger a contest with Jurgen. Simply select the most depressing options and as long as Max still has his halo you'll disrupt Jurgen's turn after he takes a bite.

Those options are:

  1. Count Cryptwind Deathgrasp
  2. Baron Bat-Anguish Von Nightmare
  3. We'll knock you out deader than Bela Lugosi!
  4. Our world is endless torment and sorrow.
  5. 'Cause all creation ends in death and decay.

Follow Jurgen into the secret lift behind the fireplace.

Act 2

Head inside the Zombie Factory again and attempt to go back through the Fireplace. Flint Paper will leap through the window and kill the zombie Lincoln, casually tossing his brain to the ground. You can't reach it right at this moment, so actually go up the lift to Jurgen's lair above.

Grab the Bolt Cutters from the floor next to the large Alchemy Machine and then pull the switch next to Jurgen's Monster to bring it to life. Before you leave take a look at the "Liberate Jurgen" picture above the row of stakes on the opposite side of the room next to the entrance. Behind him you can see another poem, note down the words as before.

Return to the discotheque and press the corresponding buttons for Abyss, Razors, Pain, and Parents:

  1. Abyss: Fourth Yellow
  2. Razors: Third Yellow
  3. Pain: Third Pink
  4. Parents: Fourth Pink

That thing over there has opened, go through to creep up behind Flint Paper and incapacitate him. Once Sam's grabbed Lincoln's brain, go out to the DeSoto. Use the Bolt Cutters on the Super Antenna. Jump on in and return to the street once more.

Follow the hand into Stinky's Diner and move to the left of it so that when you shoot it it moves backwards towards the Gooey Molasses Tar Cake. It'll stop moving as it reaches the lid so talk to Stinky to get the hand to jump towards the edge and around the lid. Shoot it once more to knock it into the cake, allowing you to grab it.

Next go into Sybil's where she's trying to find a new soul mate. Talk to her and she'll ask for you to find her another suitor. Return to the castle and let the monster know about her.

Get her to ask question 3, when Harry pauses to think you should attempt to take the Chocolate Heart from the table next to him. Once he's gone take the heart and return to the castle once again. Use the Super Antenna on the Power Socket of the Alchemy Machine before pulling the switch to power up the dead batteries. Use the Chocolate Heart on the Alchemy Machine itself to create the Golden Heart that Sybil is looking for.

Place the Golden Heart, Lincoln's Brain, and Jesse James' hand on the monster and then return to Sybil's where you should ask all three questions again.

Once Sybil runs off, take the Soul Mater to use on Sam and Max's souls back at the Zombie Factory.

Act 3

Give the Soul Mater to Jurgen's Monster and pull the Soul Sucker switch before stepping into the Soul Sucker. This will transfer both Sam and Max's souls into the monster allowing you to control it. Pick up a stake from the collection to the left and use it on Jurgen to finish the episode.