Act 1

And we start immediately after the events of the previous episode, exit the sewers by climbing the ladder to the far right.

Go to Sam and Max's office and open your inventory, inside you should find an egg that Mr Featherly has apparently laid. Throw it into the open window to receive that remote control you threw out the very same window in exchange for an egg in the previous episode.

Use the Portable AI from the spaceship on the dormant Maimtron 9000 lying next to the office and then the Remote on it. Walk it down to Bosco's Inconvenience and reach through the window to find Momma Bosco's Soul Train Token.

Jump back down the manhole and give that token to Harry to enter... Hell!

Act 2

Wander through the Office Door next to Jurgen to enter the office. The only thing you need to pick up in here right now is the Key Card sticking out of Brady Culture's nametag on his cubicle. Once you've got that go further right until you see the big door with a familiar duo surrounding it. Go through it into the Back Room.

Use the Key Card on the Card Reader and enter Bosco's own personal hell in the top left (future uses of the Card Reader don't require you to use the Key Card). Take the bottle of Nitrous Oxide from the stage and then leave by clicking on the drawer in the bottom right.

Use the Nitrous Oxide on the DeSoto's hell (the Street Diorama) and then enter that one. Move over to the side of the road and aim for one of the yellow ramps, as you approach hit the Nitrous Oxide icon to escape. This will also free Bosco.

If you're after the achievement then leave the Back Room at this point to view a short scene before going back in again.

Use the Card Reader again and enter the Toy Factory Diorama with the Elf inside. Ask the Elf what he's doing and then offer to help with the toy. The first choice is to make him vulnerable: Commando Style. The attachment is irrelevant, choose whatever you like. And the final choice is Acid for Blood.

Leave the diorama and then enter Santa's Workshop where Santa is stuck. Shoot the Christmas Present containing the toy that the Elf just made and the acid'll eat through the dispenser. Another two souls freed.

The last diorama is not solvable right now but you'll need to go in anyway. While you're here, grab a copy of Stinky's book from the display, then leave. Take a look in the drawer that Harry left open for a copy of Jimmy Two-Teeth's Personal File. Leave Hell through the revolving doors in the reception and go to Sybil's.

Put the Monster out of it's misery by shooting it, this will summon Harry away from the dying rat down the street in Pimp Le Car. Use Jimmy's file with Timmy's file to switch them in order to get Timmy sent to hell. Go back into the diorama where Grandpa Stinky is and interact with Timmy Two-Teeth in the rat audience to get Timmy to cause the cancellation of the show.

Exit the Back Room and you'll finally get to meet with Satan.

Act 3

Before you escape from this depressing place you should pick up the Bone Saw from Max's Desk. Go look at the hole in the wall where Flint Paper normally is and instead throw the Key Card to the giant Max you see before you.

Ask the Soda Poppers what the attack on Santa was about and then what they have against Satan. Exit the conversation to learn of the Popper's evil plans and return to the surface where you'll find Satan hanging out next to the diner. Take a look in his box of stuff for all the items you're going to need to save the day.

Return to Hell again and switch Hugh Bliss's list of words to bleep with Satan's Grocery List. And back to the surface. Go to the left and use the Paper Clip Chain on the Crack between the office and Bosco's to fish out a Mimesweeper Cartridge.

Talk to Timmy Two-Teeth who's right next to the Maimtron. Ask him whether he's glad to be back and then challenge him to a trivia contest about the Soda Poppers. Ask him for Peeper's real name, provided you've switch the list in Hell you will be able to hear it without bleeps.

Use the Mimesweeper Cartridge on Chippy in Pimp Le Car. Once you've ruined that part of the plan. You can also now drive around in the DeSoto to gain some more decals and car upgrades. The challenge this time is to shoot rats before the demonic DeSoto runs them over. If you're having trouble you may like to use the Nitrous to cause the DeSoto to race forwards, the upside is that it won't move to hit any rats during this speed burst. Shoot 25 for Bronze, 35 for Silver, and 45 for the Gold Rat Decal.

As usual there are also some other items to hit; a giant yellow rubber duck, a flying car, a rolling doughnut, and a bouncing football. Once you've got all of the decals you'll return to the street and be given your upgrade. And if you've gotten all of the decals in the entire season you'll also get another extra special upgrade.

Once you're done with that, enter Sybil's and simply talk to Peepers to say his real name and reveal his true form. Two down, one to go.

Next we go to Stinky's Diner. Show Stinky's Baby Book to Grandpa Stinky and then take a bottle of Fruit Cider from the selection in front of Whizzer. Go to Bosco's and spike the Punch with the Fruit Cider. Once everybody's been affected you'll be able to use the Bone Saw from Sam's Hell on the Monster to gain a rib. Use that with the Cake of the Damned in Stinky's to thwart the third and final Soda Popper.

Now just leave the diner.

Act 4

Shoot the bell on top of the Ice Cream Truck to fulfil the first two parts of the spell. Take some of the Ice Cream. Walk back over to the Shambling Corporate Presence's desk and pick up the Coffee Cup From Hell. In the snow next to the Soda Poppers is that candle they used, pick it up.

Wander over to Mr Spatula's tank and throw in the following items: the Coffee Cup, the Tar Cake sample, and the Ice Cream. This will create a new Cake of the Damned! Use the Candle on it and then select it. Then just use the cake on the Soda Poppers to defeat them and finish the season.