Just the Clicks

Act 1

The Zombie Factory

  1. Go to Pimp Le Car.
  2. Ask about Zombie Factory.
  3. Go to Stuttgart in the DeSoto.
  4. Look in Open Grave.
  5. Use Brain with Gargoyle left of entrance.
  6. Ask Jurgen about the source of his power.


  1. Ask Jurgen about Midtown Cowboys.
  2. Go outside.
  3. Look in Trash Container.
  4. Go to TV Studio in DeSoto.
  5. Use Clove Cigarettes on Bag.
  6. Ask Director to start filming.


  1. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  2. Look at Sun Lamp.
  3. Talk to Stinky about Sun Lamp.
  4. Take Sun Lamp.
  5. Go to Stuttgart.
  6. Go to DJ Booth.
  7. Press Top Yellow button: Death.
  8. Press Bottom Pink button: Sepulcher.
  9. Press Top Orange Button: Embrace.
  10. Press Second Down Pink button: Letters.
  11. Go through Coffin.
  12. Use Sun Lamp with Spotlight.
  13. Go to DJ Booth.
  14. Press Second from right blue button.


  1. Take Bottled Water.
  2. Go to the Office.
  3. Use Bottled Water with Ceremonial Urn.
  4. Return to Stuttgart.
  5. Use Holy Water with Max outside Zombie Factory.
  6. Talk to Jurgen, tell him he ain't all that.
  7. Say "Count Cryptwind Deathgrasp"
  8. Say "Baron Bat-Anguish Von Nightmare"
  9. Say "We'll knock you out deader than Bela Lugosi!"
  10. Say "Our world is endless torment and sorrow."
  11. Say "'Cause all creation ends in death and decay."


  1. Click on Fireplace.

Act 2


  1. Go inside Zombie Factory.
  2. Go into Fireplace.
  3. Look at Liberate Jurgen picture above stakes.
  4. Go to DJ Booth.
  5. Press Fourth Down Yellow button: Abyss.
  6. Press Third Down Yellow button: Razors.
  7. Press Third Down Pink button: Pain.
  8. Press Fourth Down Pink button: Parents.
  9. Go through Bookcase.


  1. Go to street.
  2. Go into Stinky's.
  3. Shoot at Hand from the left four times.
  4. Talk to Stinky.
  5. Shoot at Hand again.


  1. Go into Fireplace.
  2. Take Bolt Cutters from floor.
  3. Go to Pimp Le Car.
  4. Win driving challenge.
  5. Use Bolt Cutters with Super Antenna.
  6. Go to Sybil's.
  7. Talk to Sybil.
  8. Go into Fireplace.
  9. Pull Switch next to Monster.
  10. Talk to Monster about Sybil.
  11. Point at third question.
  12. Click on Chocolate Heart.
  13. Take Chocolate Heart.
  14. Go into Fireplace.
  15. Use Super Antenna on Alchemy Machine.
  16. Pull Switch.
  17. Use Chocolate Heart on Alchemy Machine.


  1. Use Lincoln's Brain with Monster.
  2. Use Jesse James' Hand with Monster.
  3. Use Gold Heart with Monster.
  4. Go to Sybil's.
  5. Ask question one.
  6. Ask question two.
  7. Ask question three.
  8. Take Soul Mater.
  9. Go into Fireplace.
  10. Use Soul Mater on souls.

Act 3


  1. Use Soul Mater on Monster.
  2. Pull Soul Sucker lever.
  3. Go into Soul Sucker.
  4. Pick up stake from rack.
  5. Use Stake on Jurgen.