Act 1

Straight down to business, Sam and Max are going to need to take care of that rogue flying triangle before it makes Sybil dizzy. Go inside Bosco's to glean some information about this so called Bermuda Triangle. Ask him how to stop it and then how to talk to it. In amongst the useless trivia he'll tell you of the ancient sign of a Red Octagon to make it stop whatever it's doing.

With that information in hand you can now go into Stinky's Diner and "borrow" the Stop Sign from the wall next to Flint Paper. Feed it to the triangle infront of Bosco's to stop it in its tracks.

Act 2

Once you're done talking to the middle Moai Head go left over the little wooden bridge and you'll meet baby Jimmy Hoffa. There's nothing really to talk to him about so leave the conversation and continue on to the left following the Tiny Tiki sign.

Ignore the three babies standing on drums and instead pick up the Tiki Glass on the bar behind them, then use it with the blue Water Dispenser on the end there. Talk to Baby Glenn Miller and ask what he needs help with. He'll ask for you to find some sounds for his next song, a train sound and a melody.

First off use the cup of water with the Kettle hanging over the fire. Then use the Glass to take some of the Paci-Fire from the dispenser and use that on the fire beneath the Kettle. That's the train whistle sorted.

Before you leave take the Mallet from the pile of Glenn Miller's stuff and another drink sample from any of the three dispensers - it doesn't matter which. Attempt to give that to Baby Jimmy Hoffa as you pass him and he'll give you a Waitress' Tray.

Now to find that melody. Go through the big black and red triangle back to the street and walk past Stinky's to where the C.O.P.S. are. They've got another driving challenge for you, a musical game which involves you running over bagpipes and avoiding accordions. You don't get to control acceleration this time so it's just pressing left and right to follow the path of bagpipes until you reach the end, hitting accordions will lower the thermometer on the right which will cause you to fail if it gets too low. This first round is easy as there actually aren't any accordions.

You win a horn for beating the first round, if you continue playing you can win a Bagpipe Decal that upgrades from Bronze to Silver to Gold. There are also a few special items to shoot or run over: a Hot Air Balloon flying overhead, a large Tyre rolling across a junction, a Safe hanging from a window, and a speedy kitchen sink that flies overhead. And if you get all of those you'll also earn another accessory for your DeSoto.

Now that you've got the DeSoto Horn you will need to return to the island and give it to Baby Glenn Miller to recieve a copy of his latest tune. The last thing to do before leaving the Tiny Tiki is to use the Waitress' Tray on the Wipeout! surf challenge.

The challenge requires you to balance the bottle on the tray whilst avoiding another bottle that gets thrown at you. Simply move left and right to avoid the central line where the bottle is thrown but watch the bottle on your tray so as to stop it from sliding off if you stay in one non-horizontal position too long.

Leave the Tiny Tiki and show Jimmy Hoffa the tray to prove you've succeeded and can join the union. You can give him the drink you've still got if you want but that's not what you need.

To set the last part of this task up you're going to need to get rid of the Piranha in the Fountain of Youth. First hit the Yellow Gong to the right of the Piranha which should move the Yellow Portal from next to the Black Portal. Then hit the Blue Gong next to the left Moai Head to bring that end of the portal to him. You can use either the Mallet or your Gun for this.

Show the middle Moai Head the Conch Shell of Glenn Miller's latest tune and then talk or shoot the left Moai Head. This combined should knock the storm cloud through the portals and over the Fountain of Youth, killing all the Piranha. Take a bit with the Tiki Glass, but before giving it to Jimmy Hoffa hit the blue gong next to the middle Moai Head. Then give Jimmy Hoffa the drink and go on down into the cave.

Act 3

You've now got a new set of tasks to do, if you hit the gong next to the middle Moai Head then hit the Yellow Gong down here (the gun won't work so use the Mallet), then talk to the Ocean Chimps and get them ready to watch the feet. Use the Conch on the Yellow Portal to get the middle Moai Head to start moving.

There are a few things to do in this room to prepare for the other parts, one is to pick up the Snail with a red oozing trail - it's over to the far right. The other is over to the far left past the exit, it's the radio inside the wreck of the plane. Change the Frequency to 7175 kHz by clicking on the Frequency Switch, and then click on the Speaker to talk to Bosco. Freak him out by telling him that you're observing the Earth.

Head up to the surface and back to the street again. Bosco will have left his store so you can now steal some Banang from behind the Bomb-b-Gone. Off to Stinky's now, throw the Snail at the Gong above the Juke Box to cover it in red, then shoot the gong to summon the Bermuda Triangle. Jump through and take a sample of water from the Fountain of Youth. Use it on Sam or Max and then go back through the portal to Stinky's. Ask Stinky for the special.

Jump back through the portal one last time and give the right Moai Head the Basalt Sandwich. This should knock loose a rock in the cave below. Head down there and pick it up from the floor.

Use it on the Maxish Clam next to the Exit to finish another of the tasks. And then the third task can be finished by using your Banang on the Ceremonial Urn.

Act 4

Press the Red Emergency Button and then jump into the Pod and then pick up the Medallion that Mr Spatula dropped. Use it with the red Snail Trail and then return to the surface one last time. Shoot the Yellow Gong on the island with the volcano in the distance and then hit the Blue Gong next to where the portal to the street was. Use the red Medallion with the portal to finish the game.