Just the Clicks

The Office


  1. Open closet.
  2. Open inventory.
  3. Select Big Gun.
  4. Shoot Pile o' Cheese.
  5. Take the cheese.
  6. Use Swiss Cheese on Rat Hole.
  7. Use Max's dialog to threaten rat.
  8. Use Sam to ask about the headache.
  9. Have Max hang the rat out to dry.



  1. Go to Bosco's.
  2. Pick up Cheese.
  3. Enter Bathroom.
  4. Use Cheese with Whizzer's Crate.


  1. Go outside.
  2. Pick up Spray Paint from car behind DeSoto.
  3. Use Spray Paint on Graffiti outside office.
  4. Go into office.
  5. Pick up Bowling Ball.
  6. Use Bowling Ball on Open Window.
  7. Use Bowling Ball on Specs.


  1. Go to office.
  2. Pick up Boxing Glove.
  3. Go outside.
  4. Enter DeSoto.
  5. Select the top option.
  6. Select gun.
  7. Approach a car.
  8. Shoot taillight.
  9. Ask car to pull over.
  10. "Hideously broken taillight".
  11. Go to Bosco's.
  12. Give $10,000 to Bosco.
  13. Ask what he's got.
  14. Ask what's behind the counter.
  15. Purchase the Tear Gas.
  16. Go to Sybil's.
  17. Use Tear Gas Grenade on Peepers.
  18. Use Boxing Glove on Peepers.
  19. Open closet.

Hypnotic Chase

  1. Go outside.
  2. Wake up Specs.
  3. Go to Bosco's.
  4. Wake up Whizzer.
  5. Shoot van with the gun.

Brady Culture's "Home"

Artificial Personality Disorder

  1. Take Admission Form and note down symptoms.
  2. Return to street.
  3. Enter Sybil's.
  4. Talk to Sybil.


  1. Ask about Inkblots.
  2. If first symptom was Obsession with Money:
    1. Pennies on the eyes of a dead mime.
    2. An SUV crashing into an opulent mansion.
    3. My Uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet.
    4. Elephants at the New York Stock Exchange.
    5. A debit card fed through a document shredder.
  3. If first symptom was Obsession with Fame:
    1. Susan Lucci holding an Emmy.
    2. Pigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater.
    3. An autograph written in braille.
    4. A cheering crowd of lanky albinos.
    5. That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes.

Free Association

  1. Ask Sybil about Free Association.
  2. Attempt to shoot Sybil when any of the following words are mentioned:
  3. If second symptom was about dentistry: Crown, Drill, Fluoride, Polish, Filling.
  4. If second symptom was about hair styling: Comb, Dryer, Teasing, Shampoo, Tint.

Dream Analysis

  1. Ask Sybil about Dream Analysis.
  2. If third symptom was desire to marry your mother:
    1. Make shadow person Sybil.
    2. Make Donut Box a Wedding Cake.
  3. If third symptom was desire to see one's peers getting older:
    1. Make shadow Max.
    2. Make Donut Box a Birthday Cake.


  1. Go outside.
  2. Enter DeSoto.
  3. Go to Brady Culture's secret hideout.
  4. Use admission form with Form Reader beneath monkey.



  1. Pick up piece of cheese.
  2. Turn light switch off.
  3. Stand underneath Max's head.
  4. Shoot One Way Sign.
  5. Use Max's head on Max's body.
  6. Take Coat Hanger from TV.
  7. Open closet door.
  8. Use Bicycle Pump.


  1. Go to Sybil's.
  2. Ask Sybil for help.
  3. Go to office.
  4. Take Coat Hanger from TV.
  5. Go to Bosco's.
  6. Use diagram on Bosco.
  7. Use Coat Hanger on Bosco.


  1. Go to Brady Culture's hideout.
  2. Enter hideout.
  3. Tell Soda Poppers to Become Brady Culture.
  4. Tell Soda Poppers to Worship Me.
  5. Tell Soda Poppers to Attack Me.