The Office

The game begins in the office of Sam & Max, your first task to find some Swiss Cheese for Jimmy Two-Teeth. There are a few items you will want to pick up for later on in the game, the first of which is a boxing glove sitting on the windowsill. There's also a blue Bowling Ball next to the Rat Hole to grab.

To set about the task of finding some Swiss Cheese you're going to need to take a look in the closet. Unfortunately it's not Swiss Cheese but a simple modification can change that. Click on the cardboard box in the corner of the screen to open up the Inventory. You'll see a row of items appear next to it, the item of choice is your Big Gun. Fire it at the cheese and then pick up some of your newly created Swiss Cheese.

Open up your Inventory again and use the cheese on the hole and you'll enter a dialogue to convince the rat to give your phone back. Switch to Max's options and start threatening him until he mentions having a headache. Click on Sam's dialogue and ask about the headache and Jimmy will reveal his fear of heights. Back with Max it's time to hang him out to dry.

Head out the door and onto the street.


Go to the right past Specs and go into Bosco's Inconvenience. After being informed of Bosco's little problem you're going to want to ask what he has for sale. He'll mention a Tear Gas Grenade Launcher. Ask for it and you'll find out that unfortunately it costs $10,000 which you don't quite have.

Pick up a piece of cheese from the display to the right and then go and investigate the Soda Popper to the left. Attempt to go into the bathroom and after Max has been Whizzer will head inside too. Take this opportunity to place the cheese in Whizzer's Crate, he'll come out of the bathroom and whizz off with the crate being stopped by Bosco's Security System.

Back out onto the street again.

This time go up to Sam & Max's car and go give a ticket to a rich criminal.

The idea here is to find someone to give you the $10,000 you need for the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher. To do that you're going to need to get behind any car and then to shoot out one of its taillights with the gun. Once you've shot one click on the car and ask it to pull over.

Inform them of their broken taillight and you'll get your money. Click on the Office button to return to the street.

Pick up the can of Spray Paint on the car behind the DeSoto and then use it on the graffiti outside the office. This should entice Specs to start fixing it, head up into your office and look out the wind. Use the bowling ball (it's by the rat hole if you haven't picked it up yet) on Specs standing below.

Go outside again and head back to Bosco's to purchase the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher. With that you should now go to Sybil's at the other end of the street.

Open the closet door to find the real Sybil Pandemik trapped inside. Then it's time to use the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher on Peepers, this will cause him to start crying and he'll cover his eyes. Giving you the opportunity to hit him with the Boxing Glove (from the window in the office).

Now that you know how to wake them from their hypnotic state you can go and wake up Specs and Whizzer.

Whizzer will race off in a van and you'll have to simply shoot the van, you don't even need to get close but it can help if you keep missing from this distance. To get close you just need to avoid the boxes he's dropping behind him, the easiest way to do this is to keep to one side and go back forth between the middle and the side avoiding the occasional box.

Brady Culture's "Home"

Take one of the Admission Forms from the slot and you'll read about the symptoms of Artificial Personality Disorder. These will be randomly chosen of a few variations:

Obsession with money. or Obsession with fam.

A violent reaction to dentistry. or A violent reaction to hair styling.

An unconscious desire to see one's peers getting older. or An unconscious desire to marry one's mother.

Remember which ones you've been given as you'll need them in a moment.

Jump in the DeSoto and go back to the office. Or rather the place you want to go is Sybil's to get diagnosed with Artificial Personality Disorder. Talk to her and try Inkblots. For each one choose the dialogue option that most fits the first symptom.

MoneyPennies on the eyes of a dead mime.
A pair of oxen boxing in a rowboat.
FameSusan Lucci holding an Emmy.
The results of the last time I let Max drive.
A bunch of bacteria playing basketball.
FamePigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater.
MoneyAn SUV crashing into an opulent mansion.
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
A squirrel that got run over twice.
MoneyMy Uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet.
Coded love notes from space aliens.
FameAn autograph written in braille.
MoneyElephants at the New York Stock Exchange.
FameA cheering crowd of lanky albinos.
The exhaust manifold of a break truck.
Twenty nuns with machine guns.
FameThat blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes.
An orangutan escaping from the trunk of a DeSoto.
A war between two teams of abstract shapes.
MoneyA debit card fed through a document shredder.

Next up, Free Association. Here you'll need to match the second symptom. When she mentions a word related to whatever your violent reaction is towards you need to use your Gun on Sybil or the Boxing Glove on anything in the room.

They will just cycle round and round if you don't violently react to the correct word.

Finally go into Dream Analysis and set up the dream to match the third symptom. The two things you need to define are the shadow to the right and the pink box on the floor to the left.

If you have a desire to marry your mother make the shadow Sybil and the cake a Wedding Cake.

If you have a desire to see one's peers getting older make the shadow Max and the cake a Birthday Cake.

With all three symptoms diagnosed head back to Brady Culture's secret hideout and insert the admission form into the Form Reader beneath the monkey. Head inside.


There's little you can do as the hypnotised Sam, little except picking up a piece of cheese on your way out. This will trigger the security system and knock Sam out.

Time to destroy the intruder in your dream! First up hit the Light Switch on the wall behind you. This will destroy the Brady Culture in the light. Next stand underneath Max's head and pull out your gun. Shoot the One Way Sign where the Dart Board usually is and the room will flip over.

Use Max's head on the Brady Culture on Max's body to destroy it. Take the Coat Hanger off the television to destroy the Brady on there and finally open the closet door before using the Bicycle Pump to enlarge Jimmy Two-Teeth.

Head outside and go to Sybil's. Ask her for help and she'll give you some blueprints for a device that can block hypnotic rays. Head back to the office to collect the Coat Hanger from the TV and then make your way to Bosco's and use the diagram on him. Then use the Coat Hanger on him to finish the device.

Go back to Brady Culture's and go inside.

Once the Soda Poppers start attacking you it's time to use them against Brady. Tell them to Become Brady Culture and this will unlock a third option. Tell them to Worship Me, Brady will get jealous and tell them to worship him. He'll then start chanting me and will get confused when you tell them to Attack Me.