The Start

The game begins on the Moon as all good games do. Your first stop should be the Visitor Center just past the Lunar Lander, inside you'll want to pick up the Spoon Bending Display and then, to bypass security, feed it to Max.

Once you've left the Center it's time to have a chat with Superball who's standing next to the door to the Blister of Tranquillity. Unfortunately he won't let you in just yet, to get in you'll have to pass a test involving the Unicorn that he gives you after you ask what he's doing there and then ask to try Spectrum Analysis.

There's nothing left to do on the Moon at the moment so jump into the DeSoto and head back to Earth.

Off to the office first of all, you'll be wanting the Coat Hanger aerial from the TV. Then it's down to Bosco's Inconvenience where Bosco is all dressed up again. As usual he has something that will be needed later and as usual it costs a large amount. Just $100 trillion this time. The main reason you're in Bosco's now is to use the Unicorn with the Microwave in order to make it red. Once you've done that you can head straight back to the Moon in the DeSoto.

The Blister of Tranquillity

Give the red Unicorn to Superball and you'll enter the Blister of Tranquillity. Your first stop in here should be Lincoln, he's near the entrance. Ask him what his problem is and then why he's upset. He'll tell you of his infatuation with Sybil, which you'll want to help him with of course.

The phone conversation with Sybil requires you to work out the correct phrases that Sybil will respond positively to, they'll have something to do with her current occupation or general surroundings.

The first one is "Just relax, baby.", in reference to the Relax sign that you can see in her office. Second is "Lady, you a stone cold fox!", which is about the Fox on the cactus in her office. And finally "Play some one-on-one love hockey." which acknowledges her current occupation of Queen of Canada. This will give you your first talisman, the Gastrokinesis Talisman, which causes people to throw up.

Use it on Max to regain the Spoon Bending Display Case. Wander over to the C.O.P.S. next, they're to the left. To gain their Talisman you're going to need to let them believe they've created the world's most sophisticated AI, by losing at a game of Noughts and Crosses, Tic Tac Doom!. To get to it just ask what they're doing here and then to try the game. You need to completely lose, a draw isn't good enough and since the game isn't exactly trying to win will need to try and force it to.

Once you've got the Lead Vision Talisman from them you can go back outside and open up that Display Case. To do so you need to use it on the Lunar Lander's Rocket Engine and then use the Coat Hanger to unlock the Lander's Door. You can now pick up the Spoon Bend Talisman from the ground.

A quick trip back to Earth now you've got the Spoon Bend Talisman, use it on the bent Parking Meter that Jimmy Two-Teeth is sitting on. Go back inside the Blister again and talk to Pennyworth who will give you his Magician's Hat now that he can pull successfully pull a rat out of it. Then take a ride on the Rainbow Elevator in the middle.

Use the Lead Vision Talisman on the Intimidating Door to see through it and then the Spoon Bend Talisman on the Sconce holding the bowling ball above the big red Open button.


The first of Max's doppelgangers is making a scene over by the rollercoaster, to regain Max's hand you're going to need to use the Spoon Bend Talisman on the Giant Spork over near where Lincoln was. Then, wait until Violent Max has jumped onto the coaster before shooting the Rollercoaster Button with Sam's Big Gun.

Exit the Blister again and you'll find the second doppelganger, Slothful Max. There's nothing you can do to him yet so return to Earth once again.

Enter the office and use the Gastrokinesis Talisman on Leonard to regain the Deed to the United States that Max fed him. Give this to Sybil in exchange for 100 trillion Canadian dollars. Luckily since Bosco is blissed out he won't notice the difference when you purchase the Earthquake Maker from him with them.

You'll also find the third and final doppelganger, Gluttonous Max, inside Bosco's. Simply get out the Magician's Hat and feed Jimmy to the doppelganger. Then use the hat again to retrieve the missing stomach.

Return to the Moon one final time now, use the Earthquake Maker Remote to flip Slothful Max over so you can grab Max's tail back. Return to the Blister and use the Rainbow Elevator to finally face the finale's final fight with Hugh Bliss.


Use the Spoon Bend Talisman on the Spoon above you that's holding the Magician's Talisman with the image of Hugh Bliss inside. Use that talisman to switch places with Hugh and escape the Rainbow Wheel of Death.

Hugh's not done with you yet, to escape the Separate Your Bliss trap you're going to need to use that Magician's Talisman again. Use the Saw on anything you like for now, you can't do anything useful just yet. The Ticket to Oblivion is just another case of using the Talisman to switch places. Do it again in the Cleansing Bath of Annihilation and then try to wander off.

You'll cycle back to the Rainbow Wheel of Death which you'll want to escape from with the Magician's Talisman again. Escape again from Separate Your Bliss but this time use the Saw on the Lunar Lander. You'll skip the Ticket to Oblivion this time and go straight into the Cleansing Bath of Annihilation which again you'll need to use the Magician's Talisman to escape from. To finally finish the season you need to use the Lunar Lander Key on the Lunar Lander in order to defeat Hugh Bliss and end this eternal cycle.