Just the Clicks

The White House

  1. Click on Pay Phone.
  2. Enter DeSoto.
  3. Go to the office.
  4. Call the White House using the telephone.
  5. Ask Superball to hold.
  6. Return to the White House.
  7. Go inside.

The President

  1. Talk to the President.
  2. Go outside.
  3. Pick up Boxing Glover by pond.
  4. Go inside again.
  5. Talk to the President.
  6. You are ready to interpret.
  7. "What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?"
  8. "Which way is the War Room?"
  9. Use Boxing Glove on the President.

The Issues

  1. Return to the street.
  2. Investigate posters behind DeSoto.
  3. Pick up "Give me all you got!" poster.
  4. Talk to Hugh Bliss.
  5. Ask him to show you a magic trick.
  6. Take "Free Home Delivery!" sign.
  7. Return to the White House.
  8. Change Cue Cards in front of Lincoln to "Two wrongs don't make a right".
  9. Talk to Lincoln.
  10. Ask to talk about the issues.
  11. Ask about Religion and Schools.
  12. Use "Give me all you got!" poster with Cue Cards.
  13. Talk about the issues.
  14. Ask about tax plan.
  15. Use "Free Home Delivery!" sign with Cue Cards.
  16. Talk about the issues.
  17. Ask about toxic waste.

Family Values

  1. Take flyer from beneath Lincoln.
  2. Use Organic Listening Device with Lincoln.
  3. Pick up bug.
  4. Go to Sybil's.
  5. Give flyer to Sybil.
  6. Go to the office.
  7. Use bug on the phone.
  8. Call Sybil.
  9. "I, Abraham Lincoln, am that man."
  10. "This is a date that will be remembered for centuries to come."
  11. "I stand here at the steps of the White House."
  12. "The time to act is now."
  13. Return to the White House?


  1. Go to Sybil's.
  2. Ask how Carbon-dating works.
  3. Return to the White House.
  4. Look at National Budget on the desk.
  5. Allocate budget to Sybil.
  6. Go to Sybil's.
  7. Take Carbon-Dating Device.
  8. Go to Bosco's.
  9. Use Carbon-Dating Device on Hot Weenie's.
  10. Return to the White House.
  11. Allocate budget to Bosco.
  12. Go back to Bosco's.
  13. Ask for Truth Serum.
  14. Return to the White House.
  15. Give Truth Serum to Whizzer.


  1. Take Ribbon from President's desk.
  2. Look at calendar.
  3. Change date to Secretary's Day.
  4. Use Ribbon on Superball.
  5. Declare him a secretary.
  6. Tell him to take a vacation.


  1. Enter the War Room.
  2. Select targeting computer.
  3. Select Bosco as target.
  4. Go to Bosco's.
  5. Take Beacon from behind sale sign next to the entrance.
  6. Chase after Lincoln in the DeSoto.
  7. Use Beacon on Lincoln.
  8. Return to the War Room.
  9. Fire missile at Lincoln.