The Start

Head outside onto the street and head into Bosco's Inconvenience. After chatting with Bosco about his newest item for sale, a Biological Weapon, and finding out the price, $1,000,000,000, you're going to want to talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth on the table there standing next to a cannon.

Inquire about what he's selling, which is obviously the cannon next to him, and then exit the conversation. You can now use the Boxing Glove from your inventory on Jimmy, this will cause him to fire the cannon at you but he'll now take longer reloading it so you can click on him before he goes back to standing next to it.

That's all for Bosco's right now, move on to Sybil's down the far end of the street.

To break Sybil out of her hypnotic trance all you need to do is fire the Rat Cannon at her. Inquire about Reality 2.0 and then about who she's working for. Sybil will inform you of the C.O.P.S. that have taken up residence in Lefty's next door.

Leave Sybil's and enter Lefty's next door to meet the C.O.P.S. and find out their diabolical scheme. Keep going with the first option until you get given a replacement chip for the goggles in Sybil's. Then go back and use that chip on those goggles to fix them and enter... Reality 2.0.

The Internet

Leave Sybil's and head outside, the first place to go is the Control Room which is located where Lefty's is in the real world. Disable popups by clicking on the green computer, Chippy. Next use the Computer Bug that you have in your Inventory on the blue computer.

Go back to Virtual Sybil's and attempt to enter the closet, since you're 2D you'll be able to go inside and find the first Gold Coin.

Pick up the Computer Bug from Lefty's again and now use it on the white telephone, this will cause you to shrink. Leave and walk over to your Virtual Office. Unfortunately you're too small to climb the steps, the solution here is to exit Reality 2.0, enter your office in the real world and then reenter Reality 2.0 once you're inside. You will still be small enough to fit into Jimmy's virtual rat hole and be able to claim your second Gold Coin.

Next stop is the Control Room again. Switch the Computer Bug to the orange Bluster Blaster machine. This will return you to your normal size and turn down the gravity allowing you to leap much higher. Step outside and pick up the Jack in the Box (provided you switched off the Pop Ups inside the Control Room), then simply click on the row of three Gold Coins hovering in the air near the DeSoto to collect them.

Now go down the street to the where the Esperanto Bookshop is in the real world. Instead you've got the Internet Wizard. Ask for a magic trick and he'll give you a rainbow customisation kit for the virtual DeSoto. Go inside Virtual Bosco's and ask Bosco about life on the internet. Then ask about his money and he'll clue you into bancolavadero.com, his online bank. Then ask about how to pay him, unfortunately this will require his password which you'll want to also ask about.

Once you've done that you should ask him about buying something, luckily you have the five Gold Coins that he requires for the Wooden Long Sword of Intense Longness. First use of the sword is to smack Bosco over the head with it to break his trance. The second use is over to the left.

Use the Sludgie Machine to spawn a Blue Slime, simply use your new sword on it and you'll enter the combat mode. All you have to do here is Attack With Item, Long Sword.

Switch back to reality and talk to Bosco. Distract him and he'll turn around. Use this to pick up the binoculars from the counter and use them on him to locate his bank password. Enter Reality 2.0 again and make your way to the DeSoto which you'll now need to paint with the Rainbow Paint Kit that the Internet Wizard gave you.

Use the number plate to work out which colours you need to paint it; using the first three letters of the plate BRP means Blue at the front, Red in the middle and Purple at the back. Then jump in and take the DeSoto to bancolavadero.com!

If you've used the correct colours for your car you'll be let through the Fire Wall, if not then you'll sit to the side and watch other cars successfully go through. Go back to the street and repaint it correctly.

To open up Bosco's account here just click on the padlock on his square and enter the password 'BOSCO'. Now to get the $1000 million into Bosco's account:

Click 'Cook the Books' on the box labelled 'Digital Business' first. Then the box labelled 'Hollywood Cognoscenti'. After that it's 'Grandma Bosco' and then finally the box that belongs to Bosco. Once the money is in his account you'll want to go to the real Bosco's and pick up your Biological Weapon. If you've managed to get the money all over the place you can just click Uncook at the top right to reset it back to the starting position.

While it isn't much use here in the real world it will transform into a Computer Virus when you go back to Reality 2.0, which you should do now. Wander down to Sybil's and jump up onto the roof by clicking on the sword or billboard up there. Once up there use the Blue Slime Slime on the sword to pull it out. Jump back down and enter the Control Room one last time to switch Pop Ups back on. Go out and use the sword to enter combat with Auntie Biotic next to Sybil's.

Defend yourself with the Jack in the Box and then attack with the +2 Sword. Time to post that Computer Disease.


Attempt to Get the Respect for Living Things, this will unfortunately knock it down a hole in the ground. Next Go East to Bosco's which you should then Get. Go West and then Go Northwest to Sybil's.

Inside you'll want to Use Bosco's with the Nauseating Lake. Then Go Southeast back out onto the street before you Go Down into the chasm below. Use Nauseating Bosco's with Corporate Presence and then Get Respect for Living Things. Go Up and then finally Use Respect for Living Things with Internet to finish the episode.