The Start

This fourth episode begins on the front lawn of the White House. There's not all that much you need to do here, just pick up the Boxing Glove over by the pond and click on the Pay Phone to the right of the entrance to the White House itself.

You may want to chat with the agent blocking the door, Superball, but it's not completely necessary.

Once you've got the number (555-1984) you should jump into the DeSoto and head back to the office.

While you're out on the street there are a few things to pick up. Go behind the DeSoto and towards the posters on the wall, click on the smaller yellow ones and you'll be able to pick up one that falls off. "Give me all you got!"

Wander down the road towards Bosco's, you'll spot Hugh Bliss has set up shop next door. Chat with him a bit and get him to show you a magic trick. This is your opportunity to "borrow" the "Free Home Delivery!" sign while he's gone.

All done on the street, go into the office and ring the White House with the phone on the table next to the door. Ask Superball to hold, this should distract him from his duties. Return to the White House using the DeSoto and you can now go inside and meet the President of the United States of America.

Have a chat with him and claim to be the interpreters he's been waiting for. Head outside (by any means) and then come straight back inside to find Whizzer deep in diplomatic discussion with the President. Luckily you're there to help interpret for the President.

Talk to the President and announce that you are ready to interpret. Misinterpret his words into "What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?". Once he needs directions to the bathroom you should translate "Which way is the War Room?" for the President.

With Chuckles out of the room you have a chance to knock the President out. Just use the Boxing Glove that you found outside on the lawn.

The Campaign

To the right of the pond is where the campaign is taking place. Before you sign Max up, click on the Cue Cards until "Two wrongs don't make a right" is at the front.

Talk to Lincoln and you'll initiate the race to the White House. Ask to talk about "the issues" and then where he stands on Religion and Schools. If you've switched the cards to the "two wrongs" card he will slip in the polls.

Put the "Give me all you got!" poster from the street up next. Again click on Lincoln and talk about the issues. The issue to discuss now is his tax plan.

Cue up the "Free Home Delivery!" sign from Hugh Bliss and talk about the problem of toxic waste.

Lincoln should now be a measly one percent higher than Max in the polls, unfortunately you've run out of issues to talk about. Time to go dirty. Take a flyer from beneath Lincoln and then use the Organic Listening Device on Lincoln to get a recording of his prepared statement. Pick up the bug and head on back to the office, or rather, to Sybil's.

Sybil has once again changed professions, now a Dating Service you're going to need to try and set her up with Abraham Lincoln. Simply give her the campaign flyer that you picked up on the stage and then go back to your office.

Use the Listening Device on the phone and call Sybil. The order to speak the lines in is as follows:

  1. I, Abraham Lincoln, am that man.
  2. This is a date that will be remembered for centuries to come.
  3. I stand here at the steps of the White House.
  4. The time to act is now.


Head back to Sybil's to see how she took it. She's started another career, this time as a Carbon-Dating Service. Ask about how carbon-dating works and once she's scanned the Tiki on her desk you should go back to the White House and take a look at the National Budget on Max's desk.

Allocate money to Sybil Pandemik's Office and return there to find that she's vanished. Luckily she left the Carbon-Dating Device behind on her desk for you to take.

With the device in hand it's time to pay a visit to Bosco's Inconvenience at the other end of the street. Use the device on the "Hot Weenie's" on the counter to put Bosco's on the National Budget. Reassign the $100,000,000 away from Sybil's to Bosco's instead. Once back at Bosco's ask for the Truth Serum before heading straight back to the White House again.

Give some of the "Truth Serum" to Whizzer to escalate the Soda Popper's conflict to war.

Now with a state of war declared to actually get into the War Room you just need to move Superball out of the way. First grab the red Ribbon from Max's desk. Then take a look at the calendar and change the date so that it is Secretary's Day. Pin the Ribbon onto Superball, declare him any of the different kinds of secretary and then tell him to take a vacation.

Go on through to... The War Room!

At the far end of the table is the Targeting Computer, click the Next Target button until you see Bosco's. Head on over there and grab the beacon from behind the sale sign next to the entrance.

It's finally time to go after that rampaging Lincoln. Simply throw the beacon at Lincoln and then go back to the War Room to fire an ICBM at him and finish the episode.