Just the Clicks

Reality 2.0

  1. Go to Bosco's.
  2. Talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth.
  3. Ask about what he's selling.
  4. Use Boxing Glove on Jimmy.
  5. Click on Jimmy before he reloads.
  6. Go to Sybil's.
  7. Use cannon on Sybil.
  8. Go to Lefty's.
  9. Talk to C.O.P.S. until given a chip.
  10. Go to Sybil's.
  11. Use chip with goggles on sofa.

Gold Coins

  1. Go to Control Room.
  2. Use Computer Bug with the blue computer.
  3. Go to Virtual Sybil's.
  4. Enter closet to find one coin.
  5. Go to Control Room.
  6. Pick up Computer Bug.
  7. Use Computer Bug with white telephone.
  8. Switch to normal world.
  9. Go to office.
  10. Use goggles to enter Reality 2.0.
  11. Enter rat hole to find one coin.
  12. Go to Control Room.
  13. Pick up Computer Bug.
  14. Use Computer Bug with orange machine.
  15. Go outside.
  16. Click on three coins in air.


  1. Go to Control Room.
  2. Click on green computer.
  3. Go outside.
  4. Pick up Jack-in-the-Box.
  5. Go to Control Room.
  6. Click on green computer.


  1. Go to Virtual Bosco's.
  2. Give gold coins to Bosco.
  3. Click on Sludgie Machine.
  4. Use sword on Slime.
  5. Attack With Item.
  6. Long Sword.
  7. Go to Control Room.
  8. Use Computer Bug with orange machine.
  9. Go outside.
  10. Click on +2 Sword above Virtual Sybil's.
  11. Use Slime on +2 Sword.


  1. Go to Virtual Bosco's.
  2. Ask about life on the internet.
  3. Ask about money.
  4. Ask how to pay him.
  5. Use Sword on Bosco.
  6. Return to real world.
  7. Talk to Bosco.
  8. Distract him.
  9. Pick up Binoculars.
  10. Use Binoculars on Bosco whilst distracted.
  11. Return to Reality 2.0.
  12. Talk to Internet Wizard outside.
  13. Ask for a magic trick.
  14. Use Paint with Virtual DeSoto.
  15. Paint the front blue, the middle red, and the back purple.
  16. Take the Virtual DeSoto to the bank.
  17. Click padlock on Bosco's square.
  18. BOSCO.
  19. Click on the "Digital Business" square.
  20. Then "Hollywood Cognoscenti".
  21. Then "Grandma Bosco".
  22. And finally "Bosco".
  23. Return to the real world.
  24. Talk to Bosco to get the Biological Weapon.


  1. Go to Reality 2.0 again.
  2. Use Sword on Auntie Biotic outside Virtual Sybil's.
  3. Defend with the Jack-in-the-Box.
  4. Attack with the +2 Sword.
  5. Use Computer Disease with Mailbox.


  1. Get Respect for Living Things.
  2. Go East.
  3. Get Bosco's.
  4. Go West.
  5. Go Northwest.
  6. Use Bosco's with Nauseating Lake.
  7. Go Southeast.
  8. Go Down.
  9. Use Nauseating Bosco's with Corporate Presence.
  10. Get Respect for Living Things.
  11. Go Up.
  12. Use Respect for Living Things with Internet.