Q: How do I get through the Fire Wall?

A: Take a look at the number plates of the cars that are allowed through, and then take a look at your own. The letters correspond to the colours of the car and their positions, redecorate your car with the Paint that the Internet Wizard gives you to get the correct configuration.

Q: I can't pull the sword out of the advert! Why not?

A: You need to loosen it first, there's some slippery stuff in Bosco's. Turn on the Sludgie machine to fight a Blue Slime. Use the Slime on the +2 Sword to allow Sam to pull it free.

Q: How do I defeat Auntie Biotic? She keeps killing me.

A: You need to use some defense. The Jack-in-the-box near the Control Room would be useful but you need to turn off the popups from inside the Control Room before you can reach it. Remember to turn the popups back on otherwise it won't help in the fight.