The Start

There's almost nothing of interest in the office this time, head outside and into Bosco's down the street. You can find two things of interest here, a Voice Modulator that will cost you $1,000,000 (which you can't afford just yet) and some free Shaving Cream. Attempt to pick up the Shaving Cream from the table next to the counter and Jimmy Two-Teeth will steal it.

Time to chase after him! Go outside again and jump into the DeSoto and select the option to go after those rats! This involves shooting the rat car so that it runs into an open manhole in the middle of the street. You don't need to catch up with them or anything so you can immediately just go straight into shooting mode. Hit the car on the right side to make it move closer to the left and towards the center. Just before a manhole hit it again and they'll move into the middle and run into the sign. It's your Shaving Cream now.

Aside from chatting with Sybil there's nothing left to do here right now. So take the DeSoto to the TV Studio.

The Audition

Here you'll find a Director who's auditioning for her sitcom Midtown Cowboys since her two stars have gone to see Myra's show and haven't come back. Ask her what she's doing here and then state your intentions of auditioning.

First up you'll have to act like you have rabies. Luckily you should have some Shaving Cream from Bosco's which you can use on Sam to fully realise the effect.

And lastly you're going to need to make Max cry, to do this shoot him with the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher from the previous episode.

Midtown Cowboys

Enter the set for Midtown Cowboys and you'll be given the premise for the show. Select the option to start taping and it's show time!

Pick up a couple of things at the start, the lampshade from the lamp and a plate from the table to the right. Use the lampshade on the cow to disguise it.

Lie and say that the cow is the chef. Then use the plate on the cowpie on the floor behind the cow, this will trigger Philo Pennyworth to wander over and pull her tail. The correct dialogue choice now is to pretend that she said Moo Goo Gai Pan.

As a reward you'll get a video tape of your performance. Go through the cooking show door on the right.

Cooking Without Looking

There's not much you need to do on this show. Simply click on any of the items on the front counter and you'll begin.

Elect to bake a cake and then stick any ingredients in it that you like, it doesn't really matter which. Once you've put one in you can click on the Oven icon in the bottom left to cook it.

That's it. Time to leave. Head back into the sitcom set and go through the door you originally came in which is now the door to Embarrassing Idol.

Who's Never Going To Be A Millionaire

After listening to Peepers' performance on Embarrassing Idol you should go over and take a look at his lyrics. Take them and go back through the sitcom and into the game show.

Ask Hugh Bliss to show you a magic trick. If you talked to Sybil you should work out that the colour that you want him to become is Green. Once he's done that ask for a photograph with him.

With that done go and attempt to win at Who's Never Going To Be A Millionaire by clicking on the contestant's podium. After you lose Hugh will leave the questions in the slot on the host podium, simply take them and replace them with Peepers' lyrics. Click again on the contestant podium and this time you'll get a question you can answer: Am I Blue? If you've made him blue then say Yes, if you've just left him Green or Red say No. $1,000,000 worth of food stamps is yours!

Embarrassing Idol

Go back through Midtown Cowboys and Embarrassing Idol to exit the TV Studio and return to the street. You can now take the photograph to Sybil who will be able to publish her first edition of the Alien Love Triangle Times.

To get a copy just go down the road and buy one from outside Bosco's. Go inside and purchase the Voice Modulator. If you talked to the judges at Embarrassing Idol you'll have learnt that Whizzer doesn't much like tomatoes, so use your Cake that you made in Cooking Without Looking on the condiments over next to the toilets.

With all of that done you can return to the TV Studio to finish Embarrassing Idol. First give the ketchup covered cake to Whizzer and he'll leave the panel. Use the Voice Modulator on Sam and then click on the microphone. Choose whichever lines you like here it doesn't make a difference - your first line will be high pitched so Specs will vote for you.

That's a recording contract.


Go through the Who's Never Going To Be A Millionaire set and attempt to enter the Myra! studio. Ask to come in and then ask to be guests. She'll ask for proof that you are famous. She wants a recording contract, a TV clip and a scandal. Luckily you've already gathered all three! Give her them and you'll be let in to appear on the show.

In order to stop the blue toy bear you're going to once again need to work your way through a series of dialogues until you get the correct path. Once you've gone through any of them and are able to use your inventory use the Voice Modulator on Sam and then click on the Banjo. Your high pitched singing will smash the glass of water in front of Myra.

Next you should say that there's something she needs to know about the picture in the Alien Love Triangle Times, then to claim that there was somebody else involved. Select Bessy the Cow (all the others put the microphone into the wrong position) and when Myra moves the microphone into the water it will destroy the bear and finish the episode.