Just the Clicks

Act 1

Jail Break

  1. Switch to Max.
  2. Select teleportation power.
  3. Teleport to "Stinky's Cell".

Homing Beacon

  1. Open inventory.
  2. Close inventory.
  3. Target General Skun-ka'pe.
  4. Open inventory.
  5. Use the Homing Beacon on the General.
  6. Click on display case.
  7. Switch to Max.
  8. Select shapeshifting power.
  9. Aim at plant picture to the right.
  10. Transform into plant.
  11. Use the Homing Beacon on the General again.

The Penal Zone

  1. Use the Remote Control on Skun-ka'pe.
  2. Talk to Harry.
  3. Click on display case to the right of the ship.
  4. Switch to Max.
  5. Select mind reading power.
  6. Read Harry's mind.
  7. Teleport to "Harry's Cell".
  8. Use shapeshifting power on picture of gun on wall.
  9. Pick up gun.

Act 2


  1. Go into spaceship.
  2. Use Future Vision on Sam.
  3. Click on "ominous door" to the left.
  4. Press Personal Effects Button.
  5. Look in Personal Effects drawer for Hard Hat and Vacation Ticket.
  6. Leave spaceship.
  7. Go into Stinky's Diner.

Power Core

  1. Use Future Vision on Flint Paper.
  2. Use Hard Hat on Flint Paper.
  3. Ask about Stinky.
  4. Ask about Big Case.
  5. Go to the DeSoto.
  6. Take Jumper Cables.
  7. Use phone to call Stinky's Cell.
  8. Ask to meet.
  9. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  10. Go behind counter.
  11. Press green button.
  12. Use secret passage.
  13. Investigate pile of junk to find Scanner and Power Core.
  14. Go into spaceship.
  15. Use Power Core on brain jar.
  16. Use Jumper Cables on brain jar.

Demon Broth

  1. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  2. Use Future Vision on radio on counter.
  3. Use map in DeSoto to go to Bosco Tech.
  4. Use Vacation Ticket on Harry.
  5. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  6. Use Lottery Ticket on Grandpa Stinky.
  7. Take Demon Broth.
  8. Go into spaceship.
  9. Use Demon Broth on brain jar.

Act 3

Bosco Tech

  1. Go to lower deck.
  2. Take telephone from display case.
  3. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.
  4. Pick up Stinky's Cell.
  5. Teleport to Bosco Tech.
  6. Climb Fire Escape.
  7. Walk onto banner.
  8. Pester pigeon to drop Engagement Ring.
  9. Switch to Max.
  10. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.
  11. Climb down Fire Escape.
  12. Pick up Engagement Ring.
  13. Go inside Bosco Tech to pick up Receipt.

Homing Beacon

  1. Teleport to Sybil's Cell.
  2. Go into spaceship.
  3. Enter Mole Man room next to brain jar.
  4. Teleport to Stinky's Diner.
  5. Talk to Grandpa Stinky.
  6. Proclaim your love of Skun-ka'pe.
  7. Exit conversation.
  8. Switch to Max.
  9. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.
  10. Press Personal Effects Button.
  11. Look in Personal Effects drawer for Homing Beacon and Shot Glass.


  1. Teleport to DeSoto.
  2. Use Scanner on C.O.P.S.
  3. Use Shot Glass and Stinky's Cell Phone on Crime-Tron.
  4. Travel to Meesta Pizza.
  5. Use Stinky's Cell Phone on pizza boxes to the side of Meesta Pizza.
  6. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.
  7. Use Postcard and Engagement Ring with Crime-Tron.
  8. Travel to Pawn Shop.
  9. Use Future Vision on trash cans.
  10. Look in trash cans for Banana Peel.
  11. Open manhole cover.
  12. Use Banana Peel with manhole cover.
  13. Go inside Pawn Shop.
  14. Use Paddle Ball Toy and Receipt with Crime-Tron.
  15. Travel to Toy Store.
  16. Use Future Vision on Sam.

Act 4


  1. Talk to Stinky.
  2. Choose Stinky dialog.
  3. Claim Skun-ka'pe isn't so bad.
  4. Select Spaceship choice.
  5. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.


  1. Teleport anywhere.
  2. Pick up Rift Generator from table.
  3. Teleport to Stinky's Cell
  4. Use Homing Beacon on Skun-ka'pe.


  1. Teleport to Sybil's Cell.
  2. Approach street between Bosco's and Stinky's.
  3. Move towards Sybil's boxes to get the ship to fire at them.
  4. Teleport to Sybil's Cell.
  5. Go through tunnel.
  6. Click on Power Cable on wall to the left.
  7. Use on the Toybox.
  8. Plug Rift Generator into outlet behind boiler.
  9. Switch on Rift Generator.
  10. Turn up Boiler.
  11. Use Paddle Ball Toy on Skun-ka'pe.