Act 1

We begin not at the beginning but on a spaceship. In order to reach that distant oh so familiar gun you're going to utilise Max's psychic powers. Switch control to him as there's nothing you can do as Sam at the moment.

Simply select the toy telephone labelled as "Teleportation". There's only one destination and it's "Stinky's Cell", dial it (in a way that doesn't make sense) and you'll teleport over to Stinky on her throne. Unfortunately gaining Sam's gun is not enough to defeat General Skun-ka'pe so you're going to have to dig into your inventory by pressing the Square button.

Once you've opened it close it again. Then open it again after targeting the General, select the Homing Beacon and use it on Skunkape. Still not enough you're going to need get a new psychic power for Max. Simply click on the display case as Sam to reach it.

With your new Shapeshifting power granted by the Rhinoplasty you're going to need to delve into Max's mind again and select this new power. Aim at the painting of a plant to your right and press X to transform into a plant. Now that there's a picture of the plant on the stuff you can transform by pressing Square. Back as Sam again use the Homing Beacon on Skunkape one more time, success!

Select Skun-ka'pe once again and this time use the Remote Control on him to open the portal to... The Penal Zone!

And yet there's still more to be done to defeat General Skun-ka'pe. Walk on down to Harry Moleman in the glass cage and attempt to talk to him, the disembodied brain will then give you the next toy to help you in your quest. To pick it up just walk back up the ramp and collect it from the display case on the right near the exit.

Switch to Max again and aim the mind reading receptacle at Harry (you may also wish to read the minds of the other people present, especially if you've after trophies). Once you've got Harry's phone number you can now teleport to it using Max's Teleportation power.

There's a picture of a gun on the wall in the status displays, simply switch to Max, select the Rhinoplasty and transform into that space bazooka. Have Sam pick up Max to finish off this first section and send General Skun-ka'pe into The Penal Zone.

Act 2

Now that we're at the start of the story you can begin by chatting to the friendly General Skun-ka'pe, it's not entirely essential though so you can skip it if you're in a hurry. You should notice that exhausted dialog options will either vanish or go grey and they'll then just repeat stuff you've already heard.

Once you've finished chatting head into Skunkape's spaceship. You'll automatically go up to the upper deck where you'll find the dying brain, your current task is revealed: to revive the brain. Use the Future Vision on Sam and you'll learn what you need to solve the problem, some Demon Broth and a Power Core. Before you head on out head on over to the other side of the deck and attempt to open the ominous door.

Press the Personal Effects Button and then dig through the drawer to find a Hard Hat and an Off-World Vacation Ticket. Exit the spaceship and as you do so you should notice Flint Paper walk into Stinky's Diner. Use Max's Future Vision on Flint Paper to learn of his impending death. Give him the Hard Hat from the spaceship to alter the future, your first indication that what you see in the Future Visions is not set in stone. Ask Flint about Stinky and then about the Big Case he mentions, he'll give you a note that contains Stinky's phone number.

Before you leave you'll also want to use the Future Vision on the radio on the counter next to Grandpa Stinky. This should let you know of Harry Moleman's future luck on the lottery. Go outside and then off towards the DeSoto. After a brief chat with the C.O.P.S. that have taken up residence inside it you'll want to grab the Jumper Cables from the back seat and then use the phone to call Stinky's cell phone. Ask to meet and then use the map to get to Bosco Tech Labs.

Head inside and then go down the lift to get near to Harry Moleman, trade him the Vacation Ticket in exchange for his Lottery Ticket (you need to have used the Future Vision in Stinky's). Leave the lab and go back to Stinky's Diner to give the Lottery Ticket to Grandpa Stinky in order to get him to leave his Demon Broth alone so that you can take it.

Once you've picked up the Broth go behind the counter and press the green button to activate a secret passage under Flint Paper's table. Step onto it to go down there. Investigate the pile o' junk to the right to find the missing Power Core as well as an old scanner. Now that you've got both items you should go back up through the tunnel, outside onto the street, up into the spaceship and up to the upper deck.

Use the Demon Broth and the Power Core on the jar and then the Jumper Cables you got from the back of the DeSoto. This will bring the brain back to life and the end of this second act.

Act 3

Head down to the lower deck per the brain's request and steal the Telephone from the display case, Max now has the power to teleport just like in the first act of the episode. Helpfully he also knows more than one phone number. Make sure to pay attention to Gordon when he tells you that Max will teleport anyone he's touching, it is kind of important to realise this.

Anyway, your first destination can be anything you like, but for the purposes of this walkthrough it should be Stinky's Cell. Pick up the phone from the ground and then teleport off to Bosco Tech.

With Max under attack inside and another guard standing between Sam and Max you should head up onto the roof via the Fire Escape on the left side of the building. Walk out onto the banner and harass the pigeon on the end of it. It should drop the ring onto the street below. But before you go and pick it up, stay out on the banner and switch to Max.

Use the Teleportation power to Teleport to Stinky's Cell which should now be in Sam's pocket. Both Max and the gorilla attacking him will appear next to Sam, both guards are now taken care of. Go down to the door and pick up that ring before going inside to find a receipt. Go down the lift and grab the Remote Control from Momma Bosco. Next it's back off to the spaceship so teleport to Sybil's and you will appear on the street next to her boxes.

Climb aboard the spaceship and enter the Moleman room up on the upper deck. When you can, teleport to Stinky's Diner leaving behind all of your inventory. Talk to Grandpa Stinky and then proclaim your love for General Skunkape, this will get him and Max into a scuffle. Exit out of the dialog choices without saying anything else, and so with Grandpa's hand on Max's head you can teleport them to Stinky's Cell which is still back in the Moleman room.

The badge will be removed from Grandpa Stinky and placed in the personal effects box. Once outside press the button and regain all of your items from the box, plus the homing beacon and a shot glass.

Teleport off to the C.O.P.S. now to install the Crime-Tron XL and begin scanning your clues. To install it simply use the scanner on any of the C.O.P.S. and then you'll be able to insert two items at a time to try and generate a new location on the map. The only current combination is the Shot Glass and Stinky's Cell Phone. This will unlock Meesta Pizza for you to travel to.

The thing to do here is use Stinky's Cell Phone with the pizza boxes in the rubbish bins to the side of Meesta Pizza. Teleport to Stinky's Cell once the pigeon has taken it to find another clue. Insert this into the Crime-Tron along with the Engagement Ring. This will unlock the "Hard Luck" Pawn Shop on your map.

To solve this little puzzle you're going to need to look into the future, more specifically the future of the trash cans. This will inform Sam of what to look for in those trash cans, so search them to find the banana peel. Move the manhole cover and then use the Banana Peel on the moved cover to get rid of the guard. Enter the Pawn Shop and you'll find a Paddle Ball Toy.

Once again put this into the Crime-Tron XL along with the receipt you found inside Bosco Tech. Head off to the Toy Store. All you need to do here is use Future Vision on Sam.

Act 4

Back in the cell on Skun-ka'pe's spaceship you've now got to try to replicate the first act. Talk to Stinky. Choose the Stinky option and then claim that Skunkape isn't so bad, then choose the Spaceship option. Teleport over to Stinky and you'll learn of the deception.

To escape from... The Penal Zone! you just need to try to teleport to any location, wherever you choose you'll end up at Bosco Tech. Take the Rift Generator from the table and then teleport back to Stinky on the General's ship.

Leave the conversation with the brain and then use the Homing Beacon on Skunkape once again.

Teleport down to Sybil's boxes and as you approach the street between Bosco's Inconvenience and Stinky's Diner you'll be attacked by Skunkape's ship. Try to get the aiming circle to stop right over Sybil's boxes so that when it fires it hits the crack and creates a large hole in the ground. Once it has done that teleport to Sybil's phone again.

Go through the tunnel to reach the final area of the game.

Take one end of the Power Cable from the wall next to the Toybox and plug it into the Toybox. This will power up the building using the unimaginable power that resides within the Devil's Toybox. Plug the Rift Generator into the outlet behind the boiler and then turn it on.

To finally throw Skunkape into the Penal Zone you're going to need to turn up the boiler to get the Molemen to sweat profusely, it should stay on and the sweat should go all the way to where Skunkape is standing. Once you've done that you simply need to use the Paddle Ball Toy on Skunkape to finish the episode.