Act 1

To get under way with the episode you're going to first need to talk to Momma Bosco, this will enlist the help of Paiperwaite and Dr. Norrington as well as trigger the arrival of Sybil, a character you might remember from the previous two seasons. Once she's left you should follow her outside as the lift is now available.

Go to the left towards Flint Paper and Grandpa Stinky to watch a cutscene and then have a chat with old Grandpa Stinky himself. Ask him about Corn Dogs and he'll hand over a recipe which includes a list of ingredients you're going to need to find. One thing is already ticked off, the water. That would be the large hole full of water to the right, the one next to the lab. Pick up the box of corndogs next to Grandpa Stinky and then "activate" them from inside your Inventory.

This will lure the monster Max towards you, when you're standing next to the truck of Corn Meal wave the corndog in the air to get Max to swing his hand towards you. This will pick up the truck, to get him to drop the contents into the water you need to move to that water and then eat the corndog.

Climb the fire escape to the roof and interrupt Satan's recording. Put him off by commenting about some "behind the scenes" issues and then use the box of corndogs with the microphone that he has placed on the ground. That's the oil done. Go stand by the DeSoto and wave another corndog in the air, then get him to drop it in the mixture by eating the corndog when you're next to the hole again.

Go inside and talk to Mr. Featherly about an egg, he won't lay one until you've distracted all of the other occupants of the room however. First talk to the C.O.P.S. behind Featherly and chat about viruses, this will scare them into rebooting for a period of time. Then talk to Momma Bosco and ask about the Dimensional Destabiliser, this will get rid of Paiperwaite for 15 seconds and distract Momma Bosco. Finally talk to Superball and tell him to turn around.

Go outside and throw the egg into the mixture to finish it off. Then, once the corndog has been created, climb into the DeSoto to reach the opening credits.

Act 2

To get out of the stomach and reach a more productive area of Max you will need to use your Espresso Beans on the Food Processor in the middle of the room. This will start up the tube to the left allowing you to reach the brain. Do as Sybil says and take a closer look at the tumour, then attempt to go through the large white door to the left.

Go back up the tube to the brain area and then use the tube labelled with a picture of Max's legs. Ignore Sybil for the moment and instead go into the tube with a picture of a box; Max's Inventory. Look at the Roach Farm high up on the shelf to the left and watch as the egg hatches. Once it has done that you will need to reach it somehow, use Max's powers against him by getting him to turn you into one of those robot vacuum cleaners by looking at the pile of cables on the floor. Ram into the bottom of the shelf a few times to get it to fall over.

Go back to the legs and show the baby cockroach to Sybil. This will convince her to start running. Return to the brain and then return to the stomach again. Replace the corndog on the Craving plate with the cockroach, then switch to Max Mode and walk him to the Lab by following the road headed north-west. This should convince Max to eat Sal who's been skulking around since the beginning of the episode. Go to the brain again and then into the tube to the arms, here you'll find Paiperwaite waiting for you to help.

Use the arcade machine to start the process of unlocking Max's arms. To do this simply tell Paiperwaite what the computer is telling him to do, unfortunately your voice will be altered into the inverse so you'll need to invert it yourself first in order to get the correct thing said. So if it's a picture of a foot say that it's a hand, and if it's left say right. After congratulating them you'll wake up in the brain again. Go down to the stomach and ask Sal to take care of the problem. You will now have full control over Max.

Switch to Max mode and walk to the south-east where you'll find Battery Park. Explore it and once he's been shocked you just need to go through the door in Max's brain.

Act 3

Leave the conversation and walk over to a circuit breaker to the left. If you walk over to the Astral Projector and look in the memory book you'll find it has only one slide of Max's memories, attempts to Astral Project will fail as there's no clone there. To gather more memories you're going to need to switch to Max again, walk him back to the north-west until you spot Skun-ka'pe's Flagship flying about, click on it to have Max remember about it. Return to Sam and use that new slide to enter a Doppelganger on Skun-ka'pe's ship.

Straightway use the astral projection power again and instead of returning to the brain switch to the clone in the cage where you were held in the first episode (the one with the water bottle (SP-42-X)). Open up the Fuse Box on the wall and then take a drink, spit it out onto the wires to cause a problem with the ship. Transfer into the opposite clone, HW-021-S and run on the hamster wheel. You'll then be transferred back to the first clone who can now scratch at the backdrop and then pull at the wires in the wall and escape his confines.

Go up to the upper deck through the door on the right and talk to the brain in the jar. Talk about Mole Men several times until Grandpa Stinky walks out of the Mole Processing Chamber. Ask about the Mole Processing and then about himself. Then ask about Skun-ka'pe. Once you have the address leave the clone and return to Max's brain. Switch to Max again and walk him to the north-east where you'll find the Cloning Facility.

This will add one more memory to the album, one that will allow you to project into a clone there.

Act 4

Use the fog machine to reveal some lasers blocking your path, this will allow you to safely avoid them when you walk through them. Use a photo of the Devil's Toybox (that this clone has in his inventory for some reason) on the camera lying on the ground. This will trick Skun-ka'pe and entice him into leaving the central platform. Talk to him about the Toy Robot and then tell him that you'll give him the bomb if he hands it over, during the confusion simply go through the tunnel on the right back to Momma Bosco's.

Use the Cthonic Destroyer on the Tentacles and then take a glance at Max's record collection. Take the one to do with Inuits and play it on the record player. This will cause Max to cry and allow you to use the Tear Ducts that were behind the tentacles previously.

Use the snot on Momma Bosco to finish the season.