Act 1

Once again the episode begins directly after the end of the previous episode, your first task is to use Flint Paper's teachings to interrogate the Mole Men Cultists about the disappearance of Max's most vital of organs. You'll find that they're rambling about irrelevant details but any of the dialog options (or just waiting) will get you to the second piece of Flint's advice, interrupting at the right point. The Mole Man will continue to attempt to reinforce his story of being unconscious the whole time, it's at that point you should accuse him of lying.

The final bit of Flint's advice is that you'll need information to back up your suspicions about a suspect before you can get them to break.

The first suspect Sam finds is a former member of Skun-ka'pe's army. Get him through his story until he starts to talk about a rat which you should inquire about. If you miss the cue just ask him to tell his story again and get back to that point.

Off we go to meet Frankie the Rat. The piece of information that he holds is simply the direction that he sent the tourist in, Sam will leave as soon as you get it. There's nothing of value to ask the tourist, he gives you the information you need straight away, that he was looking for the museum district. Exit the conversation and head back to Frankie, accuse him of lying about helping the tourist and then threaten him, this should get him to open up a bit more. Ask for more information about this "other gorilla" and then about the souvenir that he saw the tourist pick up. These bits of information should help interrogate the other two.

Go back to the tourist and as he gets to the part of his story about leaving empty handed accuse him of lying, with the information that Frankie gave you he'll now give up your first clue.

Return to the sign-spinner and when he claims to have not seen Skun-ka'pe accuse him of lying. Press him for further information and then to get the Rhinoplasty, after he says that he needs it to get back into Skun-ka'pe's good graces you're going to need to convince him otherwise. Select the Noir option to depress him and give you the opportunity to take it.

Act 2

There's nothing to do in this area right now, Sam will just complain if you try exploring. So go up the stairs and into the Planetarium to continue with the story. There are things to do as Max but it's only to work out what you need to do, you don't actually need to trigger anything. So, either investigate everything in the room or just switch back to Sam to get on with it. The information that you can glean from the alliance is that Papierwaite doesn't want Skun-ka'pe's goons messing with his security staff and that he is incredibly proud of a Yog Soggoth tapestry.

First thing's first. Go to the Egypt Exhibit to the left of the Planetarium and look in the Brain Urn next to the phone in there. Leave the exhibit and go back towards Max's lifeless body, Sal, the Security Guard will warn you that he's going to have to incinerate Max's body if you don't get rid of it. Luckily that brain you just found will fit into Max's body just perfect.

Go over to the opposite side of the museum where the information desk can be found. Pick up the guided tour and take a look at the phone here to give Sammun-Mak the knowledge needed to make use of the teleportation toy. Switch to Sammun-Mak mode and use the Rhinoplasty on the picture of the Hindenburg up to the right of the Planetarium. Transform into it and then move over towards the tapestry so that you can shoot the Zeppelin and destroy that very tapestry.

You'll be taken back to Max again, utterly pointless so switch back to Sam straight away. Switch to Sammun-Mak mode and use the Teleportation toy to teleport into Papierwaite's Office. Here, after a short cutscene, you'll find a picture of the city which you can use the Rhinoplasty on. Teleport back to the Info Desk or the Upper Level and have Sammun-Mak transform into the city.

Walk over to Sal and use the Guided Tour headset on him and then use the hourglass at the front of the Apocalypse exhibit. Next talk to the ape guarding the front door and you'll get him and Sammun-Mak fighting, when they're doing that use the Guided Tour controller and press button 4 to get Sal to go towards the fighting Minion and Pharaoh. Then get him to poke the Minion in the eyes by pressing button number 9.

Act 3

Head towards the DeSoto and Max will begin a brief chat with the mysterious Doctor Norrington. You'll learn of the rebels and a special salute that will help identify them. Luckily you're reading a walkthrough so to find them just head down into the sewers by Stinky's and ask the Cultists to salute. They will provide Max with some of the Toys of Power as well as the Brain Screw you may have seen in the Museum. Leave the sewers and use Max's Rhinoplasty to get the image of the Credit Card from the display outside Stinky's.

Jump in the DeSoto and head to the Museum. Go to the left inside and towards the buffet table, transform Max into the Credit Card and approach the Pyramid of Corndogs. Once you've destroyed all Credit Cards in existence it's time to pay a visit to Frankie the Rat. Just before speaking to him use the Rhinoplasty to take the image from the Toaster picture and use the Future Vision to see what the rats are talking about in the future.

At this point it obviously helps to know what they're talking about, the way to win the Accessory from Frankie is to win a bet based on the finishing move that Skun-ka'pe uses. What the rats say in the future will help you determine exactly which move it will be.

Here's a list of all the moves:

The first rat determines the type of attack to hands or feet. The second rat eliminates one of the three variations of Simian, Gorilla or Ape. And the third rat will incorrectly choose one of the two remaining possible attacks, leaving you with the only correct move to bet on.

To bet all you need to do is ask about Gambling and then ask to place a bet.

Return to the Museum and transform Max into a Toaster. Investigate the Corn-Dog Pyramid again to get the Pharaoh to banish all toasters from existence. Wander over to the opposite side of the room and press the Toaster button to get the Pharaoh to declare Toasters his favourite thing in the world.

Now that you have a unique item that the Pharaoh wants, go to the Gift Depot and present Sal with your present of a Toaster (make sure to turn Max into it first obviously). This will reward you with the second Accessory. Use the Rhinoplasty to take the image of the Storm Cloud from the newspaper stand to the left and then return to Stinky's.

Simply get Grandpa Stinky to attempt to kneel whilst Max is in Storm Cloud form and you'll receive the third and final Accessory for finding a heretic. Return to the Museum and go to the right through the barrier where Papierwaite was previously blocking and use the Brain Screw on the Pharaoh.

Act 4

First you'll need to switch to Max by choosing the Max option on the dialog wheel. Use the Future Vision on Skun-ka'pe to learn of an important taunt. Then switch back to Sam and choose the Age taunt, this will cause Skun-ka'pe to wildly attack knocking the Planetarium's laser which in turn distracts the Pharaoh for a moment. Next use the Mole Man taunt to get the Mole People to raise their hands above the grid, if the Pharaoh wasn't distracted he would cause them to retract their hands. Now use the Getting Dumped taunt, it's the one that you found in the future, to temporarily blind Skun-ka'pe and then finally Attack to finish him off.

And for one final confrontation, switch to Max, ask Sam to Kneel and then to Salute. In that order. Congratulations, that's Episode 3 finished.