Q: How do I give Harry the Vacation Ticket?
A: You need to find something that he has that he'll be willing to trade for it. Use your Future Vision on the radio in Stinky's Diner to learn of Harry's future lottery win.
Q: Flint Paper won't finish eating his spaghetti! What do I do?
A: You need to use the Future Vision on him and then give him the Hard Hat.
Q: How do I get the Homing Beacon from Grandpa Stinky?
A: First you need to go into the Mole man room on the spaceship. Then teleport to Stinky's Diner and get into a conversation with Granpa Stinky. If you praise Skun-ka'pe then Grandpa Stinky and Max will get into a scuffle. Whilst his hand is on Max's head teleport to Stinky's Cell which should still be in the Mole man room.