Siege at Stinky's

Following on from the events of the previous episode the gang arrive at Stinky's Diner to hold out against the rampaging horde of Sams. The first task of the game is to get out of the diner safely, and to start that process you can use knowledge from the first episode of the season. Head behind the counter and press the button that should open the secret passageway down into the subway. It's stuck.

Turn on the radio and Skun-ka'pe will freak out and leave you with that Toy of Power you had during the alternate future at the start of The Penal Zone, the Playing Cards. You can use these to read the minds of those around you, the person to use them on is Girl Stinky. Once you've heard her mention her backup secret tunnel have Sam ask her about it, she'll deny it of course but her thoughts will change and tell you the method of how to open that backup tunnel.

Unfortunately there's a hand blocking access to the toaster, to get rid of it you've got to tempt it with something that Sam would be unable to resist. That bait is a Fudgsicle from the freezer behind where Skun-ka'pe was sitting earlier. To prevent Sam himself from being tempted you need to physically prevent him from eating it, so take a ball of Peanut Butter from the counter and eat it (open the inventory to do so), then you can take a Fudgsicle from the freezer, give it to the hand and open the secret tunnel by using the toaster.


Immediately turn back and return to the Diner through the tunnel or with the Teleportation power when you reach the Cloning Facility. Somehow Flint Paper has arrived and has started to interrogate Stinky for Grandpa Stinky. Join in and keep choosing any of the dialogue choices you like, they all get you to the same place at the end. With the ploy in play it's time to work out exactly what it is that Grandpa Stinky would want for a cake. Simply read his mind to find out.

Return to the Cloning Facility and take a quick look around. Glance at the Clone Cooking Controls on the left to cause some tentacles to appear blocking your way. Also look at the cloning tank on the other side of the room to find out that it was built by Momma Bosco.

Go down the tunnel next to the one to Stinky's and you'll emerge in the Museum right next to Paiperwaite's office. Rummage through the rubbish bin to find a letter of resignation from Sal, read the letter to get a telephone number for him. Hold off on teleporting there though, instead attempt to enter the office. Paiperwaite will refuse you entry but you can use Max's Mind Reading ability to work out the hieroglyphic combination to open it yourself.

Ask them about the tentacles you saw in the Cloning Facility (you have to have seen them first) and then about the Cthonic Destroyer. You'll receive an ancient parchment with clues to help find it. Teleport off to Sal next.

Pick up Charlie Ho-Tep from where that clone dropped him and use it on the warehouse door to distract the clones from bothering you when you approach Sal. Ask Sal about the cake and he'll draw you a picture on the floor, use the Rhinoplasty to allow Max to transform into it. Before leaving talk to the Bluster Blaster machine to the left and ask him about himself. Then inquire about Bosco and you'll be given a letter from him.

Return to the Diner and have Max transform into the cake. This should sort out all the problems and everybody will leave. Go back to the Cloning Facility, where you'll find Stinky and Sal, and then go through the remaining tunnel to BoscoTech Labs.

In order to trick Harry you're going to need to find out what he wants to know. Read his mind to learn of his dead departed Uncle Morty. Start the seance by hitting the gong and have Sam talk to Harry about his uncle. Use Charlie Ho-Tep to speak to Harry through the picture he puts up onto the table, then use the mind reading to find out what secret he is after. Use Charlie again to bluff your way into succeeding with the summoning of Momma Bosco.

If you've looked at the cloning pod in the Cloning Facility you will be able to ask her about HER cloning pods. Then read her mind to find out that she's lying about them being stolen and was hired to build them. Ask her again about the pods. Then ask if she'll help followed by an idea. She will give you a strand of her hair for you to clone.

Before you leave the lab you can now use the Dimensional Destabiliser to search for the Cthonic Destroyer. The method of finding the correct combination of switches is fairly straightforward trial and error. You are guaranteed to get it in 6 goes or less if you do it systematically. As there are only three possible choices for each dial you can learn the correct position for them by changing them one at a time. If the one you changed alters the outcome positively you know that it is now correctly positioned. If it makes it wrong you know it was already correct and to change it back. And if it is a different but still wrong change then you know that the third position is the correct one. Just remember that you don't need to test that it's correct before testing the next dial.

As for the possible effects that appear, here they all are:

Presentation - What you see what Sam returns.

Visions - Read Sam's mind.

Fate - Use the Future Vision.

Emotion - What Sam is doing.

The ones you want to get are the ones at the top of the lists. If you're really having trouble then Sam will start to help out by putting notes on the dials and locking them when you get them correct.

So, once you've solved that one head back to the Cloning Facility and get this all sorted. Use the Cthonic Destroyer on the tentacles and place the hair and the letter from Bosco inside the clone cooking control. This should give Momma Bosco and physical form once again. Now to get over to the control platform. Take a closer look at it and then shoot out one of the lights beneath. This should get Sal out from under the desk and over to the platform where he'll move the glass barrier to access the light. This gives you a line of sight for the coffee cup which you should also shoot. Now that Stinky is over on the platform you can teleport to her Cell Phone which should take Sam, Max, and Momma Bosco over there.

Tell the clones to go to the Toybox. Then use Charlie Ho-Tep on them.

End Game

There's nothing of significance you can do as Max right this moment so switch to Sam. Attempt to talk to Charlie and he'll let you. Wind him up by mentioning Junior and you'll have the opportunity to fiddle with the piano to change the sheet music. This will have an effect on the statue and on the line of clones below. To change it again you can now just attempt to mess with the piano and Norrington will give you a distraction.

The effect of the music is as follows:

So, from the default state of the Statue, the order to change the songs is this:

  1. Take 2 Tablets 4 the Mind Plague
  2. Flaming Crowns
  3. Face of Darkness

Once you've got the line of clones going to the far right of the statue and the tablet turned into some ribs, switch back to Max and have him walk into the line of Sams on the right. This should propel him up onto the transformed tablet which he will be able to stand on. Grab the tentacles from the transformed crown (or, if you've not done the exact same order as above, switch back to Sam and play Flaming Crowns to transform the crown if it's normal) to reach the climactic final battle.

The solution to the fight is fairly straight-forwards, switch to Sam and have him change the music to Charlie Whatever it is and then return to Max again. Read Sam's mind to conjure a picture of Charlie in the air and use the Rhinoplasty on it. Transform into him to get the real dummy Charlie to transform into the Cthonic Destroyer. Now use your Ventriloquism power to project Norrington's voice into the Devil's Toybox, Charlie will destroy it in rage to finish the episode.