Attack of the Identical Assailants! Attack of the Identical Assailants!
Escaped the siege at Stinky's

You'll get this as you progress the story, at the point you open the backup secret tunnel.

His Master's Voice His Master's Voice
Discovered the shocking identity of the Clone Master

Another story related one. You'll get this after taking control of the clones, following them and witnessing the reveal.

Psychic Stare-Down Psychic Stare-Down
Defeated the Clone Master and saved the world (again)

Finish the episode.

Very Superspicious Very Superspicious
Fully investigated the Clone Master suspects

Story related, you get it once you have gotten Stinky and Sal hypnotised, the DNA sample from Momma Bosco, and the parchment from Norrington. In any order. Note that you don't need to go through every optional dialogue option, just the important ones.

Dimensional Speed Dialer Dimensional Speed Dialer
Acquired the Cthonic Destroyer in 6 or fewer trips

Simply requires a bit of logic to the trial and error. Go on a trip without changing anything, note down the results. Alter one dial and go on a trip, note the change. Make that dial correct. Alter second dial go on a third trip. Correct it. Alter third dial for the fourth trip. Correct it. Alter fourth dial for fifth trip. Correct it. Go on sixth trip with correct combination. You will likely accidentally get the right combination earlier but this method will guarantee the trophy.

Tell 'Em Penn Says Hi Tell 'Em Penn Says Hi
Impressed friends with card trick

Use the Mind Reading ability on the newspaper stand at Sal's new job.

Sawdust Laryngitis Sawdust Laryngitis
Ventriloquized everyone available

Takes an entire playthrough of the game, you need to use the dummy on everything as often as you can.

  1. Use it in the Diner before solving the cake business.
    1. Doppelgangers at window
    2. Granpa Stinky
    3. Flint Paper
    4. Stinky
    5. Juke Box
  2. Use it at Sal's new job before solving the cake business.
    1. Sal
    2. Bluster Blaster
    3. Warehouse door
  3. Use it in BoscoTech before finishing the seance.
    1. Harry Moleman
    2. Superball
    3. Wardrobe up by the lift
    4. Picture of Uncle Morty
  4. Use it in BoscoTech after finishing the seance.
    1. Momma Bosco
  5. Use it in Paiperwaite's office.
    1. Norrington
    2. Paiperwaite
    3. Open window
  6. Use it in the cloning facility
    1. Clone pod
    2. Sal before shooting the light.
    3. Stinky before shooting the cup.
    4. Stinky on platform before cloning Momma Bosco.
    5. Momma Bosco before teleporting to the platform.
  7. Use it during the final fight.
    1. Sam
    2. Statue of Liberty
    3. Charlie
    4. The Devil's Toybox

Some of these may be redundant.

Greater Than Meets the Eye Greater Than Meets the Eye
Transformed into everything available

There aren't that many things but most are missable. During the end fight you need to make Sam change the song to all four options and read his mind each time.

  1. Stinky's Diner - DeSoto
  2. Sal's Job - Cake
  3. End Fight - Charlie Ho-Tep
  4. End Fight - Darkness
  5. End Fight - Fire
  6. End Fight - Grub
Peeping Brain Peeping Brain
Read everyone's mind

Just like Sawdust Laryngitis this will take the whole game and can easily be missed.

  1. Stinky's Diner at start
    1. Stinky
    2. Grandpa Stinky
    3. Sam
  2. Stinky's Diner after escaping
    1. Flint Paper
    2. Stinky
    3. Grandpa Stinky
  3. BoscoTech before seance
    1. Superball
    2. Harry
  4. BoscoTech after seance
    1. Momma Bosco
  5. Paiperwaite's Office
    1. Paiperwaite at door
    2. Paiperwaite in office
    3. Norrington
  6. Sal's Job
    1. Bluster Blaster
    2. Newspaper stand
    3. Sal
    4. Doppelgangers
  7. Cloning Facility
    1. Stinky
    2. Sal
    3. Stinky on platform before cloning Momma Bosco
    4. Momma Bosco after cloning
  8. Final Fight
    1. Charlie Ho-Tep
    2. Sam

And like Sawdust Laryngitis some of these may be redundant, I'm not sure.

Pod Pumper Pod Pumper
Damaged a lot of Clone Pods

Shoot at the massive cave of cloning pods repeatedly until you get the trophy.

Telltale Loves You Telltale Loves You
Experienced a lot of fan service

This one involves finding a lot of references to previous games and some classic adventure games.

  1. At the very start, talk to Skun-ka'pe several times until Sam offers him some Banang.
  2. At any point before taking control of the clones, talk to Max and choose the Random option several times.
  3. Use Charlie Ho-Tep on the Juke Box in Stinky's Diner.
  4. After getting Momma Bosco to admit to being hired by the clone master, ask her about him.
  5. Look at the door in BoscoTech twice.
  6. Look at the phone in Paiperwaite's office twice.
  7. After talking to Norrington about the tentacles but before getting the Cthonic Destroyer, look at the tentacles again.
  8. Destroy the tentacles with the Cthonic Destroyer.