Once again we begin partway through the story. Your first task is to avoid Kringle so as to not get shot, you can do that by switching to Maximus and using one of his psychic powers, the Ventriloquist Dummy, on the large Weird Squid Statue to the left of Kringle. The intrepid ancestral duo will then approach some hieroglyphics which unfortunately Sameth won't be able to remember, select any of the dialogue options to fail and get shot by Kringle.

Reel 1

The only reel worth going into right now is the first one, The Sphunx Challenge. The second one begins with a sequence that you don't have the answer for (but if you're looking for all the deaths then by all means), the third one is the one you just got booted out of, and the fourth requires all of the previous reels to be finished before you can do anything worthwhile.

Approach Kringle and ask him for some cookies, which he'll happily oblige. Ask him about the Challenge of the Sphunx and then accuse him of being stumped by it. When he's gone up on the stage to attempt the challenge you can take the opportunity to search through his bags and discover whereabouts his workers live in the city.

Follow Kringle up onto the stage and click on the hieroglyphics above the Sphunx to allow the characters to memorise the sequence. Then on the far left of the stage you should use the Can o' Nuts that you will have seen during the introduction to the episode. Unfortunately the elves will take off with the Can, the Mole Woman will also take after them and leave behind her newspaper. Take the newspaper and follow them all to Little Arctic Circle.

Ignore the elves for now, there's nothing you can do about the can. Instead, head into the building where you'd normally find the office to instead find the Mole Woman casting a curse over one of the elves. Show her the newspaper and she will tell you a joke involving cutting cucumbers lengthwise, then ask about the Sphunx Inscription to learn of the secret phrase.

That's all for this reel right now, switch to Maximus and use the Astral Projection power to switch to Reel 3.

Reel 3

Now that they can remember the pronunciation of the hieroglyphics you can select the correct option, leave the tomb and board The Disorient Express.

Leave the room and head out into the corridor, just down to the right is a pile of baggage which you will need to search through to find a sarcophagus. Go down the corridor to the left now, past Sameth & Maximus' room to where Kringle is staying, pick up the empty glass from the tray and while you're there, deposit some cookies.

Move on into the next carriage through the door on the left. Go to the far end and enter the Mole's room. Use the Ventriloquist Dummy on their Steamer Trunk to give grounds to search it and find the Vampire Reverse-Curse inside. Go out of the cabin and you'll hear Nefertiti saying that she's going out, use the Can o' Nuts to hide so that she isn't spooked when she leaves. When you can, use the Ventriloquist Dummy on her and get her to talk to Jurgen about the Vampire Reverse-Curse. Have her then tell him that it's in the sarcophagus.

Follow Jurgen through to the next carriage and immediately double back into the Green Car. Take the letter that Nefertiti delivers to Jurgen's room and then go all the way through the train into the far carriage. Ignore the elves' room for now and instead go into Baby Amelia Earhart's room where you'll find her sleeping with the music box on. Turn off the music box to learn of her weakness.

Time to switch over to Reel 2 now that you can actually start it.

Reel 2

Once Amelia is in the trunk sing some of the song to her and she'll quieten down and go to sleep. Use the Can o' Nuts to avoid the conductor and finish the segment on the Disorient Express.

Follow the path down and then up to The Devil's Toybox, Grandpa Mole will appear and cast a Protection Spell on the box to prevent it from being stolen. Don't touch the box otherwise you'll experience another one of the game's gruesome deaths. Attempt to pick up that Dummy you saw flung out of the Toybox but an Asp will steal it before you can.

Head right and up to the wall where there's a Sconce for you to pull which will open a door. Go through that door and along the corridor to where you'll find Grandpa Mole and little Baby Amelia Earhart. Approach too close and you'll be killed again. Instead click on the Travel Brochures on the table and inform him that you're from Stuttgart (you need to have picked up the love letter from the train), he won't like that and will give Maximus a bad luck curse.

Turn around and head back out through the door you came in on, walk a bit further past the sconce and you'll find a talking picture on the wall. It's Jurgen. After promising to help him pull the Sconce on the wall to the right and then walk up the stairs to the left. Take the Bust of Sammun-Mak from the plinth and you'll be trapped upon the wall. If you've talked to the Mole Woman about the newspaper that she dropped in the theatre then Play it Straight and then give the cucumber punchline. If you haven't, switch back to reel 1 and do so. Warning, if at this point you have already fully completed the first reel but not talked to the elderly mole about the newspaper then you've unfortunately run into a dead end and will be stuck here for ETERNITY and not be able to complete the game.

Now free from the wall, take the door to the left through into a chamber with Two Doors. Walking through the doors will kill you if you have the bad luck curse, but luckily you also have the Bust of Sammun-Mak. Throw it through either door and it'll be chopped in half as well as break the mechanism behind the deathly doors. You can now safely walk through and go into Nefertiti's chamber to find the missing Dummy.

Ignore her warnings about the Asp and venture nearer, the idea here is to use the Can o' Nuts. You'll be eaten if you don't, that's another death. To break her curse simply switch to Maximus. Now that you have the Dummy you should use it on her and get her to confess her love for Sameth & Maximus. This will incite the Mole Man to cast a Sexo Rejexo Hex on you.

Leave the room and head back to Grandpa Mole with the Sexo Rejexo curse still active. Talk to Amelia and then use the Ventriloquist Dummy on the Sarcophagus to propel her into the mole's arms. With him distracted you can grab the pile of hieroglyphic blocks from behind them without getting impaled.

Return to the pedestal where you found the Bust of Sammun-Mak and use the two halves on the gaps in the wall beneath the Guardians. This will cause them to form a straight path along their backs. If you wish to finish the Reels in chronological order this is the point at which you should stop until you finish the first Reel. Otherwise, press on the pedestal to be transported back into the wall, walk over the Guardians and then use the blocks on the spell to finish the Reel.

Reel 3 - Finishing

Go back to the Mole's room and talk to the Mole Man about his daughter and tell him that she still has a crush on Sameth and Maximus, this will cause the Mole Man to once again give you the Sexo Rejexo Hexo. Travel down to the far end of the train and talk to the elves. Ask about the secret project and then claim that you have a child that can help. Knock on Amelia's door and provided you still have the curse, she'll fly backwards into the elf's waiting arms.

You now have enough information to finish the first reel, so if you're wanting to finish them in chronological order you should go do that now. Otherwise, talk to the Vampire Elf Slushie and tell him that he's wanted by Kringle. Since Jurgen should be by the sarcophagus he'll now finally become a vampire.

Head back to Jurgen's room now and take a look inside his Steamer Trunk, his paraphernalia will stop him from preventing you from doing so now. With no sign of the Toybox yet go and see the Moles again. Show the love letter to the Mole Man and Nefertiti will turn Maximus into a cow again. Use the empty glass on the cow to get a full glass of wholesome milk. Use that milk on the tray outside Kringle's room and then knock on his door, pretend to be room service and use the Can o' Nuts to hide.

Search his chest to finish the reel (again, make sure to finish Reels 1 and 2 first if you're attempting to do it in chronological order).

Reel 1 - Finishing

Go and see the elves in Little Arctic Circle and tell them of the Toy Biplane to get the Can o' Nuts from them. Head back to the theatre and approach the Sphunx. Use the cookies on the nose, give the correct phrase for the hieroglyphics, and use the Can o' Nuts to go under the grate. That's Reel 1 done.

Reel 4

With all three previous reels complete you can now correctly finish the retelling of the story.

With Sameth in the air it's time to act. Stall for time (or say the correct phrase and end the world) to let you take control of Sameth again. Use the newspaper that you've held onto for the entire episode on the torch just below Sameth and then the flaming newspaper with the counterweight. This will knock the Ventriloquist Dummy onto the tongue of the Sphunx. Use some more of those unlimited cookies on the Spunx to get it to throw the dummy to Maximus. If you wait around too long Sameth'll eventually be lowered into the Ants resulting in another death.

Switch back to Maximums via clicking on him and trick Papierwaite into looking into the Toybox. Use the Dummy to get him to say those magic words and complete the episode.