Just the Clicks

Siege at Stinky's

Secret Passage

  1. Press button behind counter.
  2. Turn on radio.
  3. Read Stinky's mind.
  4. Ask about backup.
  5. Read Stinky's mind.


  1. Take peanut butter sample.
  2. Eat peanut butter.
  3. Take Fudgsicle.
  4. Look at toaster.
  5. Give Fudgsicle to doppelganger.
  6. Use toaster.


Birthday Surprise

  1. Go to Stinky's Diner.
  2. Talk to Flint.
  3. Go to Museum.
  4. Look in rubbish bin.
  5. Read letter.
  6. Teleport to Sal.
  7. Pick up Charlie Ho-Tep.
  8. Use Ventriloquism on Warehouse door.
  9. Talk to Sal about Cake.
  10. Use Rhinoplasty on drawing.
  11. Return to Diner.
  12. Transform Max into Cake.


  1. Go to BoscoTech.
  2. Read Harry's mind.
  3. Start seance.
  4. Talk to Harry about Uncle Morty.
  5. Use Ventriloquism on photo.
  6. Read Harry's mind.
  7. Use Ventriloquism on photo.

Cthonic Destroyer

  1. Go to Cloning Facility.
  2. Look at clone cooking controls.
  3. Go to Museum.
  4. Knock on door.
  5. Use Mind Reading on Paiperwaite.
  6. Use keypad.
  7. Ask about tentacles.
  8. Ask about Cthonic Destroyer.
  9. Go to Momma Bosco's.
  10. Activate Dimensional Destabiliser.
  11. Located Cthonic Destroyer.

Bosco Clone

  1. Go to Cloning Facility.
  2. Look at clone pod.
  3. Go to BoscoTech.
  4. Talk to Momma Bosco about HER clone pods.
  5. Read Momma Bosco's mind.
  6. Talk to Momma Bosco about who hired her.
  7. Ask her to help.
  8. Say you have idea.
  9. Go to Sal's job.
  10. Use Ventriloquism on Warehouse door.
  11. Talk to Bluster Blaster about himself.
  12. Ask about Bosco.
  13. Return to Cloning Facility.
  14. Use Cthonic Destroyer on Tentacles.
  15. Use Momma Bosco's hair on controls.
  16. Use Bosco's Letter on controls.

Taking Control

  1. Shoot light beneath control platform.
  2. Shoot coffee cup on control platform.
  3. Teleport to Stinky's Cell.
  4. Tell clones to go to the Toybox.

End Game

Climbing the Statue

  1. Switch to Sam.
  2. Talk to Charlie about Junior.
  3. Mess with piano.
  4. Change music to Take 2 Tablets 4 the Mind Plague
  5. Change music to Flaming Crowns
  6. Change music to Face of Darkness
  7. Switch to Max.
  8. Walk into right-hand Sams.
  9. Grab tentacle.

Final Showdown

  1. Switch to Sam.
  2. Change music to Tabula Charlie.
  3. Switch back to Max.
  4. Read Sam's mind.
  5. Use Rhinoplasty on picture of Charlie.
  6. Use Ventriloquism on Toybox - as Norrington.