Q: How do I use the toaster? That arm won't let me!

A: You need to distract it with a Fudgsicle. You'll also need to prevent Sam from eating it himself so have him eat some Peanut Butter before picking up the Fudgsicle.

Q: How do I get into Paiperwaite's office?

A: Immediately after knocking on the door you have a chance to read his mind. Take too long and he'll walk away and stop thinking about the combination. Just knock again if that happens.

Q: How do I find the Cthonic Destroyer? This is all just random nonsense!

A: Take it slowly, turn just one dial at a time so that you can exactly see what effect it has. Once you've worked that one out leave it at the correct setting and work out the next one.

Q: What sequence of music do I play? It's all a big mess!

A: Each piece of music affects a certain selection of parts of the puzzle. The effects are as follows:

To get up the statue you need to make the tablet transform (either Take 2 Tablets 4 the Mind Plague or Tabula Charlie) and then have the line of Sams going into the far right side of the statue (Face of Darkness). Walk into that line of Sams to get propelled up onto the tablet. Once you're there you need to grab the tentacles from the crown, if it isn't tentacles already play the song to change it without affecting the tablet (Flaming Crowns).