Q: How do I get the Can o' Nuts from the elves?

A: It's at this point that you learn that the game can't be played entirely chronologically. You'll need to hop around the reels to find the answers to various puzzles. The Can o' Nuts one requires you to enter Reel 3 and finish a task involving the Elves' Secret Project. Basically, just read the walkthrough.

Q: How do I not get thrown off the train?

A: Until you've learnt how to calm Amelia down, you can't. Once you have gone far enough into Reel 3 to get on board the train, go to Amelia's room and switch off the music box. Then return to Reel 2 and sing that same tune to her. Then of course you just need to use the Can o' Nuts to hide yourselves.

Q: How do I get off the wall? I can't answer the riddle!

A: Hopefully you haven't finished the first reel yet. Show the newspaper to the Mole Woman in the basement and she'll tell you a joke. If you have finished it without asking her about the joke then I'm afraid you've stumbled across one of the game breaking situations. You'll have to either load an earlier save or start over from scratch.