We're on the Case! We're on the Case!
Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone in Max's future vision.
Finish Act 1.
The Brain Awakens The Brain Awakens
Brought the Alien Brain back to life.
Finish Act 2.
Ape Escape Ape Escape
Tracked down General Skun-ka'pe.
Finish Act 3.
The Penal Zone The Penal Zone
Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone once and for all.
Finish Act 4.
Is This Your Card? Is This Your Card?
Read the mind of everyone aboard General Skun-ka'pe's flagship.
During Act 1 when you get the playing cards, read the minds of Sam, Stinky, Skun-ka'pe, Harry, and the brain.
Soothsayer Soothsayer
Saw a future vision for Sam in every possible environment.
Use Max's Future Vision on Sam in every location.
  1. Straight & Narrow - helps to be by the front of the office.
  2. Subway - Lincoln side
  3. Bosco-Tech - Outside
  4. Bosco-Tech - Inside
  5. Stinky's Diner
  6. Skun-ka'pe's ship
  7. Meesta Pizza
  8. Pawn Shop
  9. Toy Store
  10. The Cavern of the Box
To the Five Boroughs To the Five Boroughs
Visited every location available in this case.
Make sure to visit every place. The only optional place really is the first part of the subway. Otherwise you'll get this at the end.
Crime-Tron Crime-Tron
Used all of the correct combinations of clues in the Crime-Tron.
Another one that you'll get when doing the story. The combinations are Shot Glass with Stinky's Cell Phone, Postcard with Engagement Ring, and Paddle Ball Toy with Receipt.
Pret-a-teleporter Pret-a-teleporter
Teleported to every available phone in the case.
You can achieve this as soon as you gain the teleportation power in Act 3. Just teleport to all five of the remaining locations (Stinky's Cell will have already been done in Act 1).
Ask Your Parents Ask Your Parents
Heard 7 references no one under the age of 30 will understand.
The following dialogs all contribute towards the trophy:
  1. Act 1 - Right at the end of the intro cutscene - "I can't wait to get my stinking paws on that damn dirty ape!" - Planet of the Apes
  2. Act 1 - Fire bazooka Max at Skunkape. - "Say hello to my little buddy!" - Scarface
  3. Act 2 - Pram in subway - "Rosemary keeps wandering off and leaving this thing behind." - Rosemary's Baby
  4. Act 2 - Wardrobe inside Bosco-Tech - "It probably leads to a fantastic land of wonder and thinly-disguised religious allegory!" - "Good call, Max. We already wasted enough time poking around that tollbooth. - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / The Phantom Tollbooth
  5. Act 2 - Ectoplasm inside Bosco-Tech - "That must be ectoplasmic jelly, 'cause ectoplasmic jam don't shake like that!" - It Must Be Jelly (Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That) by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.
  6. Act 2 - Find Scanner and Power Core in the subway - "Oh boy! Whose head do we explode first?" "Not that kind of scan-- what the?!" - Scanners
  7. Act 2 - Awaken the brain - "Gordon's ALIVE?" - Flash Gordon
Don't Ask Your Parents Don't Ask Your Parents
Heard 10 double entendres.
The following dialogs all contribute towards the trophy:
  1. Act 1 - Enter teleportation mode for the first time. - "Now select a phone number that Max has memorized, to teleport himself and his furry longtime companion to that location. And also Sam."
  2. Act 1 - Put homing beacon on Skun-ka'pe. - "Now we just use the remote control Momma Bosco gave us, and Skunkape gets sucked right in the Penal Zone! So to speak."
  3. Act 2 - Speak to Max about "Other planets", you'll need to first ask about the Presidency, and Sybil before the option appears. - "I don't need to go to another planet for a methane-rich environment, as long as I've got you, pal."
  4. Act 2 - Pick up the Jumper Cables from the DeSoto. - "It's simple, Sam: the RED cable goes on the RIGHT nipple, the BLACK cable clamps to the..."
  5. Act 3 - Exit conversation with Superball at the start of the act. - "We'll hit that gorilla where it hurts the most!" "Right in the Penal Zone!"
  6. Act 3 - Phone in pizza boxes - "Swallowed whole! I've never seen anything like that before!" - "Not since we accidentally wandered into that theater on Times Square."
  7. Act 4 - At the end of the opening cutscene of Act 4. - "Only YOU can return General Skun-ka'pe to... The Penal Zone!" "Tee hee."
  8. Act 4 - After being trapped in the Penal Zone. - "He just wanted to rub our noses in the Penal Zone! So to speak."
  9. Act 4 - Teleport back to Skunkape's ship after escaping from the Penal Zone. - "not only did I defeat Sam & Max, but I took care of the Penal Zone in one stroke!" "Unfortunate word choice."
  10. Act 4 - Talk to cultists about Rift Generator - "I gotta turn on this machine to stop a gorilla." "Down the tunnel, first door to your right."
Frequent Flier Frequent Flier
Smacked Max out of the way in every environment.
You need to bump into Max and send him flying into the air. To achieve this you need to do it in every single area where you can walk around, and this counts each small section individually. So there are four places to do this at Bosco Tech for example; one outside, one on the roof, one in the entrance, and one down inside.
  1. Skun-ka'pe's ship lower deck.
  2. Skun-ka'pe's ship upper deck.
  3. Straight & Narrow
  4. Subway - Lincoln side
  5. Bosco-Tech - Outside front
  6. Bosco-Tech - Outside roof
  7. Bosco-Tech - Inside entrance
  8. Bosco-Tech - Inside lower floor
  9. Stinky's Diner
  10. Subway - Stinky's Diner secret tunnel
  11. Skun-ka'pe's ship - Mole processing room
  12. Meesta Pizza
  13. Pawn Shop
  14. The Penal Zone
  15. Subway - Sybil's boxes
  16. The Cavern of the Box
Part of a Nutritious Breakfast Part of a Nutritious Breakfast
Used the Nutrition Specs to reveal a secret object.
Once you have completed the game start a new game and the DeSoto map will have a new location. Go there and search through the dumpster to find the Nutrition Specs. Use the Nutrition Specs on the pudding Abraham Lincoln in the subway and then click on it to search for the discrepancy.